Colonial Korea: Geumsansa Temple – 금산사 (Gimje, Jeollabuk-do)

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The Bangdeung-gyedan shrine in 1916 at Geumsansa Temple in Gimje, Jeollabuk-do.

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Wibongsa Temple – 위봉사 (Wanju, Jeollabuk-do)


The stately Ijumun Gate at Wibongsa Temple in Wanju, Jeollabuk-do.

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Songgwangsa Temple – 송광사 (Wanju, Jeollabuk-do)


A look through the Cheonwangmun Gate at Songgwangsa Temple in Wanju, Jeollabuk-do.

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Now and Then: Silsangsa Temple

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A look at Silsangsa Temple from the turn of the last century.

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Temple Stay: Naesosa Temple (Buan, Jeollabuk-do)


The main hall at Naesosa Temple.

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Introduction to the Temple:

Jirisan National Park

“The mountain of the odd and wise people”

Baekjangam Hermitage – 백장암 (Namwon, Jeollabuk-do)


National Treasure #10 housed at Baekjangam Hermitage in Namwon, Jeollabuk-do.

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Baekjangam Hermitage lies a kilometer up a mountainside road. Baekjangam Hermitage is a small hermitage with only a couple shrine halls to visit. Immediately, you’ll see the newly built main hall standing front and centre. Hidden behind this beautiful structure is the Samseong-gak shaman shrine hall that is joined by the monks’ dorms to the far right.

Silsangsa Temple – 실상사 (Namwon, Jeollabuk-do)


 The amazing gaze of the Unified Silla-era Yaksayore-bul statue at Silsangsa Temple in Jirisan National Park.

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Eunsusa Temple – 은수사 (Jinan, Jeollabuk-do)


 The beautiful scenery that surrounds Eunsusa Temple in Maisan Provincial Park.

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Eunsusa Temple, which means “Silver Water Temple,” in English, is located just above Tapsa Temple on the ridge. The temple was first known as Sangwonsa Temple in the early Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). It later changed its name to Jeongmyeongam Hermitage. Finally, the temple changed its name to its present name, Eunsusa Temple, when King Taejo (the founder of the Joseon Dynasty) visited the temple. After he made the comment that the water flowing nearby was as clean and smooth as pure silver, the temple became known as Eunsusa Temple.

Geumdangsa Temple – 금당사 (Jinan, Jeollabuk-do)


 The Goryeo-era pagoda and golden roofed main hall at Geumdangsa Temple.

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