Joy in Jeju: Manjanggul

I woke up the next morning ready to go out and have my first adventure on the island. Jeju offers many varieties of things to see and do, and it is as if every part of the island has something on the map. You can choose from kitschy museums like the "Trick Art Museum" or the "Chocolate Museum", but I steered more towards the natural wonders of the island, since I feel this is what made Jeju a unique place to visit. One of these special natural artifacts are lava caves, especially the Manjanggul site.

I will get into the details later, but know that I was very excited for this as I have never been inside a lava-tube cave.

Joy in Jeju: Arrival

I left Gimpo, Seoul last Tuesday and headed to Jeju island. Gimpo airport is significantly smaller than it's Incheon counterpart. There were a few shops and restaurants but generally it is a lot more simple.

As I waited to board my plan, Jin Air, I thought about how this vacation was going to go. I refreshed my memory of essential Korean I would need to use and got to know the layout of Jeju via a map on my Android phone.

Jeju Island Peacock

jeju island

Strange Things of Korea : Sculpture Parks, Part 2 (제주러브랜드)

As one comment correctly guessed in my previous post about sculpture parks, this will indeed be about penises. The Loveland park, located on Jeju Island is a sex themed museum. The sculptures are the work of two graduate of the prestigious Hongdae art school.
When I visited quite a while ago, I took a taxi from Jeju's main city but the driver didn't seem to know about the park. A very awkward conversation ensued during which I had to explain that I indeed wanted to see a park full of statues of oversized genitalia. Korea also has a sculpture park solely filled with statues of gigantic penises, but this will be the subject of another post! Anyways, here are some pictures:

Korea’s 7 “Can’t Miss” Festivals

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Skip it or day-trip it? Korea’s festivals are numerous, but how do you know which ones are worth going to? Travel blogger Ed Provencher makes it easy for us.

Sex and The Island: Jeju Loveland Exposed

The best time to visit Love Land is at night when the statues look uncannily real. It's also much easier to hide your face in the darkness. ~ Photo P. DeMarco

[View slideshow here.]

Take a peep inside Korea’s taboo busting erotic theme park where love oriented art and eroticism meet unabashed.

Lovely Jeju-do

Not sure how I can wrap up my trip to Jeju-do in a quick and easy write-up, so I am going to litter it with a ton of photos.

First of all, this was the view from my room at New Kungnam Hotel.

Such a great way to start off each day!

We went to the Jeju Folk Village Museum, where my favorite Korean drama was filmed.

I loved exploring all the little villages. It is amazing to see how the Koreans used to live. I love this country, the people, and its history. Such a great place to be if you feel the way I do about Korea.

We went to Hallim Park.

The caves were beautiful! I stepped on a snake and saw two turtles having sex. Really got my heart racing! The snake, that is —not the turtles.

Jeju for Chuseok

A group of us from Busan have are on Jeju Island for the Chuseok holiday. A 6,000₩ Busan airport limo ride and 50 minute $115 USD round-trip flight and I was on this beautiful island! Booked rooms at New Kungnam Hotel for $40 USD a night. Accommodations are bare, but it’s in a great location (Seogwipo) and all the taxi drivers recognize the name.

South Korea Adventure #12- Jeju Island 제주도 Conclusion

Well I made my goal of going around Jeju. Even if it meant getting completely soaked. I did miss out on some things that I would like to have seen because of the rain but am still glad I made the trip over. I had heard a lot of hype about Jeju before I went. I can't say it lived up to those expectations. It is definitely nice, but still very similar to most of Korea. There is an unusual amount of museums on Jeju. Almost one for anything you can think of. I checked out all the sex ones. They were definitely worth checking out. Seeing Jeju my motorcycle is definitely the way to go. It appears there are busses that go all the way around but it looks like you could spend a lot of time walking, as things can be a little ways from the bus stops. The traffic is also pretty light compared to bigger cities in Korea, which makes the riding enjoyable.

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