Visa Medical X-Rays

By Fiona Van Tyne

If you are interested in traveling after Korea, there is a chance that you will have to get a medical check.

For many countries where you have to apply for a visa, Korea is considered a “high risk” country for Teberlocolous. Many countries, where you need to apply for a visa, are going to want you to undergo a medical examination, but they mostly just want a x-ray of your lungs to make sure you are healthy.

Most of us got this done at the beginning of the contracts, as english teachers, if you are able to get your hands on the medical records, you can see if they will send them to the visa office you are applying to.

In the case that you 1, did not have this done when you first came here. or 2 can not gain access to the records, and you need to get it done, then here is the information that we have.

Galmaetgil Trails 갈매길


Layout 1

The Galmaetgil trails span across Busan, about half of them wind along the extensive coastline, giving them the name “Seagull Path” in Hangeul. They explore all the best that this wonderful city of ours has to offer, the whole shebang covers around 270km, so where to start? Here’s your super awesome and helpful guide to help you out in this tricky conundrum.

Course Two: The most popular course among the locals, and the most ‘famous’ according to Busanites.

The shortest course end to end.

I Make Cake Café Haeundae


 Whether you’re a dude hunting for an awesome date idea, or a pack of girls searching for somewhere to spend the afternoon, cake cafes are not only fun, but delicious. On the sidewalk outside stands a sign detailing all of their sugary, and fresh options. Ranging from $5 cupcakes to $20 heart-shaped chocolate cakes, everything is cute, tasty and reasonably priced.

Photographing the Busan Fireworks Festival 2012 Pt.1

So the big day is coming up down here and there has been a lot of talk about where the best place to shoot is, what time to start, where to go etc.  PeterDeMarco has offered up some great information on the subject over on the Busan Lightstalkers page and I thought I would add some details in to help those who are thinking about going.


When to go

the whole event starts this Friday at 3 pm with a street parade. The K-pop concert will follow at 7. However the fireworks don’t start until Saturday. Now, according to the site there will be a “Fireworks Concert” starting the countdown to the fireworks.

Goldfish In Jangsan | Busan, South Korea

Busan Goldfish Pond


Goldfish in Busan pond.


Get Your Puppy Fix in Jangsan

Getting the Shot 11: Jangsan Panorama


I had the opportunity to hike Jangsan Mountain in Busan with members of the (Busan) Hobby Photographers group. I have always enjoyed getting out with new people because no matter if you have all the same gear or not, there will be different shots take. I love seeing the shots after and thinking about what made them take that shot. Of course there will always be the same shots, especially where we were because of the view dominating the sky line.

Busan Hobby Photographers Meet-up TODAY

If you are in Busan today there will be a meet-up at 4:30pm today to hike up Jangsan and get some shots of Gwangali bridge and cityscapes. The meet-up is put on by the facebook group “Korea’s Hobby Photographers” and I am happy that I will get to know them, later today. Here is the link to their facebook Event


Meeting location and time: 4:30 pm near Jangsan station at cafe Nudge. According to event organizer, Josh Beagle, it is on the corner between exits 11 and 13.

new years

jenn and i hosted new years out in old jangsan this weekend. we packed many friends into our little apartments, fed them tasty things and made crafts. i snapped a few pictures before the red wine knocked me out.

here’s britt getting her make-up done by jenn.

and decorating cupcakes.

Labor Board

I recently had a terrible experience with a hagwon in Jangsan! I really need to contact the labor board. Does anyone know anything about that? I found out that the labor board for Busan is in Seoul! Is that true?

I appreciate ANY help at all. A LOT of money is at stake!


Thank you!

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