jane's groove

Rubber Seoul 2009

Rubber Seoul is an annual fundraiser for Hillcrest AIDS center in South Africa, helping people with AIDS. You could come out for the 'feel-good' element of donating money to a good cause - or because you could get into three Hongdae clubs for one low, 10,000 won price. Either way, 100% of the cover charge went to the organization.

Bridget and the Puppycats - we arrived to Janes Groove fashionably late, and missed Sotto Gamba. One of the Puppycats played the first accordian I've seen on a Hongdae stage.

Drag show in Hongdae!

Jane's Groove (link goes to Facebook page) knows how to rock. Period. Last weekend offered both Jane's 2nd anniversary party and a drag show featuring Yoein-Choenha a.k.a. Women’s Empire. Although various places in Itaewon offers drag shows (including Trance - HT to Ji-Yoon for the reminder), this is the first one I'm aware of in Hongdae in the year and a half I've been here. A 5,000 won entry fee included a free drink up to 5,000 won, making getting in basically free.

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