jagalchi fish market

Jagalchi Fish Market, Pusan, South Korea

A few photos taken the other day at the large fish market here in Pusan.

[click photo to enlarge]

Jagalchi_05 Jagalchi_10

Seollal in Busan


Dad, Meet Korea

On October 16th, around 2 am, after the last guests had left from a party Joe and I threw at my apartment called October Shindizzle, I checked my email.  Top of the inbox was a surprise message from my dad, which read:

Hi Courtney;

How are you doing?

I am thinking about coming to South Korea to visit you. It would be about a 10 day trip and I would be in Busan for 8 days and 2 days travel time.

I have looked at flights and the dates Nov. 22nd to Dec. 1st are available now and those dates work for me.

Can you let me know asap if then is a good time for you.



Sannakji, jusayo!

“There comes a day in the life of every creature when his time in this sea has reached its end.  Some leave their body behind and become part of the reef, and others – they vanish without a trace.

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