Italia Part 4: Pisa, Lucca and Cinque Terre

Deathly quiet in the streets of Lucca

Having spent the last week in Italy’s powerhouse cities of Milan, Florence and Rome I decided to go for a change of pace in the towns and villages of Tuscany.  Rome to Pisa on the slow train turned out to be a great idea. On the faster high-speed rail trains the journey went quickly but so did the view from the window. The train journey was a wonderful insight into the Italian countryside and gave me ample opportunity to read a bit more of the Murakami book that I was involved in.

Italia Part 3: Roma

As historical cities go, Rome has to be considered as one of the greatest. The centre of an ancient empire that ruled most of Europe and stretched into western Asia and northern Africa. I was good at history at school (A at G.C.S.E.!), but I would definitely say my interest in history was only briefly temporary. As I have matured (cough*), I think I am much more a person interested in the ‘now’ rather than the past. My trip to Rome therefore was one that I was feeling uncertain of. I definitely wanted to go, I had an idea of what I would be presented with, I just wasn’t sure what I would make of it all…

Italia Part 2: A renaissance of loneliness in Firenze.

Italia Part 1: Milano

Italian Students Speak

As a full time teacher of English as a Second Language I come across many ways in which to encourage learners to activate their acquired language. During this summer (2013) I was teaching teenaged Italian students in Ireland, and I found that more so that my past experiences, my students were very active online. I thought of ways in which I could get them to use this interest in a lesson.

The Koreans of Europe

No two cultures are the same but every one is similar, right? You could certainly say that about much of Europe, where thousands of years of breeding, trading, warring, traveling, and sharing across ever-shifting borders has caused a mixology of international characteristics of which one can be difficult to discern from the other.

In Asia, it is a little more difficult to separate the differences because the continent has suffered less fluctuation of its borders, and in terms of today’s map, colonialism for the most part decided on today’s borders. But still you can throw in the changes, regardless of actual influence, of international trade, development, colonialism, the sharing of ideas, television, and migration, and the wind at the weekend if you wish, and you will soon realise the stark similarities between peoples and cultures there.

A little bit of Korea in Italy

As you might have read, my sister and I took a very nice vacation around Italy on November '12, and on my 1st day in Rome I discovered a Korean Restaurant! 


I never blogged about my trip to Italy here, so if you are interested in some FoodPorn, you can go ahead and check my Guest Post here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

Walking through the streets of Rome we happened upon two street performers fully engulfed in their craft. The harmony of their dance against the iconic city street captivated and swept us away into an often neglected state of wonder. In this random instant, an idle moment of their everyday became a lasting image in ours.

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