iPhone Korea Nowon Service Center

Complete English repair and customization service for iphone, ipad and ipod.

Fastest professional care at the most competitive prices in the nation.

For example, most iphone repairs take 10 minutes.  Glass repair for iphone 3GS is 35,000 and iphone 4G is 90,000.

One of 19 locations across Korea, the Nowon center is located 20 seconds from Nowon station (lines 4, 7) exit 9.

Check out the English website or call the English line for general information and detailed list of fees.



I love gadgets!

Review: i Tour Seoul 2 (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

It’s rather rare to see a second version of an app with such marked improvements. After reviewing the first version of the i Tour Seoul / iTourSeoul app, I actually uninstalled it and thought nothing more of it. As the proud owner of a 1st gen iPod Touch and an Android smartphone, I wasn’t interested in an app that required an internet connection to read text.

Review: Seoul Bus (iDevice app)

The Seoul subway system has been covered in the iDevice universe time and time again. The Seoul bus system, however, has only seen a couple releases - almost entirely in Korean, and . I'm quite happy to have discovered this app recently - it was only released in September - and am equally happy to pass it onto you.At its simplest, Seoul Bus gives you information on virtually every bus and bus

Review: Seoul Metro Tour app (Korean sauna edition)

Even as more foreigners are picking up the iPhone and iPad, I find myself sticking with an iPod Touch - and a full-fledged netbook computer better able to do the heavier lifting. There are times when one or the other is preferred; in this case, looking up the subway lines is an easy job for the iPod Touch.

Enter this free app - SeoulMetroTour Lite - into the mix. After starting the program, you can tap your way into a Seoul subway system map completely in English. Tap on Sights (as above) to highlight a number of tourist-friendly destinations.

Review: Korean Food Dictionary (iPhone / iPod)

Put together by Daniel Gray from Seoul Eats and the O'ngo Team, the Korean Food Dictionary app offers a great look at Korean foods. The app isn't perfect, but it's the best on the market as of now. With over 130 different dishes described available, you won't find everything under the sun - but the most common dishes are all here.The first screen you see once the app loads is above - start with

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