on the streets.

In this big city, loneliness is somehow inevitable, as you walk amongst a sea of black hair and incessant clicking heels. Sometimes though, as I walk past each person, I feel I get a half a second glimpse into their world as our realities are intertwined, if even for just that fleeting moment. The strong scent of aftershave follows the gentleman dressed like Ron Burgundy and lingers for a few more steps. I have a feeling he just came from that love motel but it is anyone's guess. As my ipod provides the soundtrack, in my head are a million different stories about that man and how he came to be at that very place, at that very moment, intersecting paths with this foreigner.

Review: Seoul Encyclopedia Show

Author's note: a version of this article appears in September 2010's printed edition of the Groove. All photos below are my own, and may differ from the printed article.

"I want to sweatf*ck your talisman," goes one saucy line. Mere minutes later, we watched an animation of a innocuous-looking balloon beating the crap out of a little kid. Not long after that, a guy covered in black and white plant began laboriously lifting rocks via a contraption involving strings and carabiners. Not only did the audience react positively, they enthusiastically applauded all three acts.

What the talisman is going on here?

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