Food Photography Part 1



Before I begin, take some time to read Joe McPherson’s article on the most recent attempt at the globalization of  Korean food. Now you can see the connection to all the hamburgers, being that this is a blog on photography in Korea.

In order to make decent food photography you  must first figure out what types of shots you are looking to get. For me there are usually about two types (from my perspective anyway). The first type is the commercial grade/ magazine style food photography and the second is the “food I have eaten” style food photography.

Getting The Shot 2: Bulls


This was taken last weekend at the Cheongdo Bull Fights and I sort of like the “300″ look to it. I did this same treatment the last time that I was out there a few years ago and stuck with it for the updated shots.

Why: I wanted to portray a “Gladiator” or “300″ feel to these shots and I love the mood of those movies and I think that it goes well here. Also, when I looked at my shots, I wanted to make something that stood out and was a little more on the dramatic side. Also, I found when I corrected the levels, the photos were a little flat and cold.

How Much Are you Worth?

I have talked about this problem before, but I will but it into a more realistic context/story:

You wake up in the morning and you grab yourself a fresh cup of coffee, rub your eyes and sit down in front of your computer. DING! goes your email and you find a letter from some company that you’ve never heard of but, they have heard of you and want to purchase your photos. You skim through making sure that it is not one of those ever-so-obvious scams where they want you to send all your banking information to some small African country. You soon realize that this is a legit offer and they are asking some serious questions.

Cheongdo Bull Fighting 2011

This past weekend was the yearly Bull Fights in Cheongdo a smaller city in Gyeongsanbukdo. I have attended this event for many years but have missed it recently. Upon my return, I noticed that the site was greatly improved and the venue was amazing!

The city has constructed a new stadium specifically for the event in recent years which makes the whole festival that much more enjoyable! From restaurants to art exhibitions they had it all. It is truly a good time. Sadly, I was called away this year and had to leave shortly after I got there.

Seoul International Photo & Imaging 2011 TOURS


I got an email today from the organizers of the Seoul Photo & Imaging Show that I wrote about earlier and it seems that they are offering 2 tours. The first is a Seoul City tour with stops at Gyeongbok Palace, The National Folk Museum, Insa-Dong, and the Seven Luck Casino. The tour costs 10,000 won and starts at 9 am and will start from COEX.

The other tour is a trip to the Korean Camera Museum and then a Korean BBQ dinner. The Trip will cost a heft 75,000 won and I am sure that it will be an amazing dinner for that price. The tour will start from COEX at 4 pm. All tours will happen on Friday, April 22nd.

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