Renting Camera Gear in Korea

A little while ago a reader emailed me about renting camera gear. Honestly, I thought that it was possible in Korea, especially for foreigners. I know it is a silly notion because these services are very common in the West, especially in the US. However, it never crossed my mind until someone emailed me about it.

With some research I have found a few places that you can rent gear. A special thanks goes out to the SPC for their informative posts on this, they were really helpful.

Western Digital My Book Essential 2 TB External Hard Drive

One of the strangest things I have found these days is how expensive external hard drives are in Korea. I have always championed the fact that Korean Online shopping will find what you need and cheaper than relying on other websites like Amazon. However, when looking for a new hard drive to backup my photos I was shocked to find that Korea offers a) few options over 500gb and b) very expensive prices. I was left scratching my head.

Sports Photography in Korea

Nexto Portable Hard Drives

One of the useful tools that I have used over the years has to be the Nexto Portable Hard Drive. I first got one when some fellow photographers ordered a few and I decided to throw-in for one. It was a great decision and I feel that I must share because in the world of portable hard drives, this Korean-made one stands out.

Why it stands out to me is mostly because of the design. The original one featured a card reader on the side, the fast upgraded version featured a CF card slot and a one-touch “dumping” system, as I call it. In just over a few minutes, you can dump an entire 8 gb full of raw files. If you shoot jpg, it is blazingly fast. Why this is useful is that typically, I only have a few cards on me and if I need to back them up and dump them, I have the ability to do so with out plugging into a computer or waiting to get back home.

Korea Bridge Summer Photo Contest

Recently I had the opportunity to talk with Jeff Lebow of the Korea Bridge. Thus I am now helping out with the Korea Bridge Summer Photo Contest. Being a past winner myself (winter 2004… I think) I know how fun it is to participate in more of a local contest than those that I have featured recently. For me, winning the contest gave me a boost in confidence to further push my photography and I know that it will help you as well.

The contest is looking for photos from this Summer (2011) and there are two categories; Korea and outside of Korea. Why? well if you have travelled around and got some great summer of shots from Thailand for example but not much from Korea… well we’ve got you covered. The contest is open to anyone living in Korea, minus the judging panel and pro photographers. So that means pretty much anyone can enter.

Onelife Photo Contest

Remember yesterday I was talking about telling stories with pictures? Funny thing, I received an email from Popular Photography about a huge photography contest happening now. The topic? Your life… basically.

The Contest site is called “One Life” and the over theme, from what I gather is that “great photography tells stories” So they are looking for powerful images of any sort that portray life around the world.  The explain it further as:

what you love, your travels, or anything that reflects your world and experience.

Shooting the Rain

One of the blogs I was reading awhile ago and I can’t remember the name right now, mentioned about a way to improve your creativity by taking on obscure topics like “weather” or “emotions” This may sound simple to some “just take a shot of someone crying” or “Shoot a rain storm… easy” However, take it a step further.

How do you convey “rain” how does it make you feel? Is it cold? sad? romantic? With emotions you can do the same thing. When some one is angry how do you feel? What do you do when you are sad?


I was just watching episode 80 of D-Town TV and RC mentioned this new site that popped up for photographers, called 500px. Now initially I thought to myself “oh another photo-sharing site that is trying to copy flickr” and then when he mentioned about the quality of the photos and I thought “ah yes another site made up by camera-snobs who hate HDR and will rip apart your photos should you dare upload any” but then I took a look at the site and was impressed.

Getting the Shot 4: HDR Panorama


Recently, I have been fascinated by the shots of the Marine City next to Dongbaek Island in Busan. Ever since I saw Ju Seok Oh’s shot I was captivated by the colours and reflections. His shot is simply wonderful and I feel that mine doesn’t live up to the crystal clear and sharp photo that Ju Seok did, but I thought that I would at least shot you how I made it since the process can be a little tricky.


Ulsan Inferno 2011

The Ulsan Inferno is once again on and it is taking place this weekend!! Why would the average reading of a photography blog like this care? Well… because I am sponsoring the “Best Photo” prize.

Basically the Inferno is a photo-based scavenger hunt where people ride around on motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles to capture photos of various sites around Ulsan in order to gain point and win cash prizes. It is an awesome time and I am super excited that we got it off the ground again this year.

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