Busan Hobby Photographers Meet-up TODAY

If you are in Busan today there will be a meet-up at 4:30pm today to hike up Jangsan and get some shots of Gwangali bridge and cityscapes. The meet-up is put on by the facebook group “Korea’s Hobby Photographers” and I am happy that I will get to know them, later today. Here is the link to their facebook Event


Meeting location and time: 4:30 pm near Jangsan station at cafe Nudge. According to event organizer, Josh Beagle, it is on the corner between exits 11 and 13.

Jeongwol Daeboreum Fire Festivals 2012

I must admit, I love these festivals. I guess that means that I am a bit of a fire-bug or something. At any rate, I love photographing them and I have tried to get out every year to catch people swirling fire and lighting a huge bonfire. The festivals are usually held during the first full moon of the lunar new year which is this Monday. These festivals are held pretty much all over Korea and in multiple places in each city. Don’t feel bad if you miss the big one on Jeju as there might just be one down the street at your local district office or community center.

Onsan Petrochemical Complex

For years I have looked for places around this area to get a good vantage point. This seems like a simple thing but it is not. Suffice to say that this entire area is not photo-friendly. They have even managed to blur themselves out of most of the mapping pages like Daum and Google. So why would anyone want to photograph such an industrial wasteland of pipes, factories, chimneys and other things that environmentalists like to pick-on? Well, because it is just cool, that’s why.

Hacker Trash

So I have spent the last week or so combing through codes and files on my server to find where the nasty malware codes were hidden. It was an annoying process but I learned a lot and I will share with you my experience. I know that this has nothing to do with Korean Photography but being as everyone that I know takes photos and probably has a blog, this may be useful. Blogs and websites, as you know are all prey for these jerks and the more you know the safer you are.

Things you must know

How to Win Photo Contests in Korea


After reading a post about how to win photo contests, I decided to throw in my twenty won on how to do it in Korea. So this post won’t actually help you win anything but I thought that I would do a sort of write up about entering contests. I apologize if the title is a bit misleading. Basically, after judging the Korea Bridge Photo Contest I decided to write out my thoughts.

1. Read the Fine Print

Time Lapse in Korea: The Easy-ish Way

The Drive from Jason Teale on Vimeo.

For the past few weeks I have been experimenting with time lapse photography. You have known that I was working on something from the different posts about intervalometers and whatnot. However, the biggest challenge that I found was trying to cut-through the technical jargon and create a beautiful product for an entry into this years 10 magazine Korea Awaits video contest.

No Photo Walk Today

I was all set a few weeks ago to do this year’s Worldwide Photo Walk but sadly my wisdom teeth need to be pulled and after a week of pain, I also haven’t slept much either. Through the pain I have completed a major time lapse project but sadly that was all that I could accomplish. So I am hoping that I check some of you before you head out, if you were planning to attend. My apologies, I am in pain…

For those that still want to continue on that is fine. You certainly don’t need me there to get some shots.


I will not be here at 6.

Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk 2011

It is that time again! Time to get the photogs out and get some shots at Scott Kelby’s 2011 Worldwide Photo Walk! While I am still getting ready for this year’s photowalk which will be held in the Taehwa River Grand Park, I have a few questions for those who are interested in a day of photography and a great time.  Before I get to the questions, I guess I should explain what a “Worldwide Photo Walk” is.

Time Lapse and Intervalometers


Nampo-dong, Busan

One of my favorite places in Busan has to be Namp-dong. Not just for camera stores but just for the whole scene in general. In the last few years, I have seen major improvements in the area and it is quickly turning into the spot to go to in Busan. In my opinion, Nampo-dong has always been on the tourist map simply because of the Busan Tower, PIFF and near by Jagalchi Market, but recently they have started pulling in cafes and restaurants that complements the trendiness of the area but not take anything away from the history.

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