Independence Day

Understanding March 1st of South Korea | Independence Movement Day

allowto_freedownload_snap_1000Today, the 1st of March, also referred to as ‘Samil Jeol’ in Korean, is a public holiday in South Korea. It is a day that commemorates Samil Independence Movement in 1919.

4th of July  I’m black. They never let me forget...

4th of July 

I’m black. They never let me forget it.

I’m black alright. I’ll never let them forget it - Jack Johnson

Destination: Liberation Day at Gwanghwamun

Between where I stand and the mountain on the horizon is Gwanghwamun. The front gate to Gyeongbokgung has been under renovation since 2006, but the wait is over - and with it is the wait to appreciate Korea's foremost palace in its entirety.

The event also celebrated Liberation Day (also called V-J day if you're from the UK), or August 15th as it's known elsewhere. If you're from the US, you might be familiar with September 2nd as 'V-J day'; if you're studying holidays you don't get off of work or school, check out this Wikipedia article for more information.

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