Korea in May


So why no blog post for a while you ask? Well I don’t know. I had something to think about then I realised…whatever…so I stopped. I could have been serious but that would have been something difficult. So I’m on the dry, blog wise. So to cheer you up here are some photographs from May in Korea, which is always a lovely month here.

Hwaseong Again

Destination: Dongtan (Hwaseong city, southern Gyeonggi-do)

Who would've thought a staircase could look so fancy?

Take the subway well south of Seoul. When you're not quite sure where you are relative to the capital city, get off. Once you've arrived, go past the huge bus stop where precisely two small buses always seem to be parked. Walk about a block to the main road, and turn right. While a number of buses continue into this relatively rural area south of Seoul, a couple buses make a U-turn to whisk you to another world.

Destination: Yongjusa (Hwaseong city, Gyeonggi-do)

This deva carries the pagoda in one hand and a deadly weapon in the other - bow to all four, including 다문천왕 (deo-mun-cheon-wang) before passing through.

Yongjusa (용주사, 龍珠寺) is unique among Korean temples for having a 홍살문 (hong-sal-mun), or a gate typically found at the entrance of a royal tomb:

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