Why Your First Love Is So Important

You Never Forget Your First LoveI still mourn for my Palm Tungsten E2. I never fully exploited its capabilities, but it left me with a 4.5 x3.1 x .59 inch handheld habit. It’s a relief to know someone else with more technical nous than I have still thinks smaller is a plus.

♥ LZONE Friday Party tonight ♥

Friday, January 29, 2010 - 20:00

♥ LZONE Friday Party tonight ♥
- International Party in LZONE -
LZONE Party with International friends.

♥ PaRtY Every Friday night in LZONE ♥

* Entry Ticket : 10,000 won(1 Free Drink + Free Draft Beer + Snack)
----!!!! Unlimited draft beer up to 80 L !!!!----

---!!! Free Language Studies in LZONE(Free Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and French) ---

* Date and Time : 8 P.M. ~ 12 A.M.Friday, Jan 29, 2010
* Address : LZONE Cafe 4F #58-35 Daeyeon-dong, Nam-gu, Busan, Korea
* Location : 4th Floor of BBQ Chicken near Thursday Party near KyungSung University Station.

* Contact : Andy - 010-9528-2212(Available English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean)

* To see the photos of the parties
Facebook search for "LZONE"


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