Christmas Trains at Millennium Seoul Hilton Hotel


Hooray! It’s 2016. How was your Christmas holiday, by the way? I hope it was festive and fabulous. Danny and I had a terrific time despite our simplified merry makings and Christmas eve dinner. We didn’t have the fabled white Christmas but, we experienced a Christmas-y spirit in a Korean way. I enjoyed the decors at Millennium Seoul Hilton Hotel (밀레니엄 서울힐튼호텔). Every Christmas season, they set up their gigantic and dazzling tree along with some miniature Christmas trains.

Sleeping in a box: The Capsule Hotel Experience

Next to crashing down in a Ryokan with sushi-serving Geishas, and views of Godzilla scaling mount Fuji beyond paper windows, the capsule hotel is Japan’s most Japanese accommodation. Nowhere else in the world but in the Land of the Rising Sun, can those looking for a place to sleep spend the night encased in a snug little box.

Review: Roomorama

With 425 destinations covered (including several destinations in Korea) and counting, Roomorama is a website offering short-term rentals, hotels, etc. Much like Couchsurfing and craigslist matches up traveler and host, Roomorama brings security, transparency, feedback, and a sense of professionalism to the ‘rent-someone-else’s-place’ world.

From Roomorama’s home page, watch a video that explains the service in 60 seconds, or start typing where you want to go and watch the auto-complete function work. Payment is made online in the standard online way, but the twist is that the money isn’t immediately received by the host. Instead, you get an alphanumeric code to give the host, once you’ve checked out the place and determined all is well. The host then logs on to the website, types in the code, and collects their money.

Busan by Night | A Travel Photo Essay

Photos by Ju-seok Oh. Words by Peter DeMarco.

See Korea’s most “dynamic” city at her best – when the sun goes down.

Life in Korea: finding a cheap place to sleep

Author's note: 'Life in Korea' posts are written towards those expats new or newer to Korea. If you have a more experienced perspective, feel free to show what you know in the comments.

Minbak, yeogwan, yeoinsul, motels, and hostels can be found in virtually every area of the country. With prices that rarely top 50,000 won a night, it's proof that traveling Korea doesn't have to be expensive. Wherever you stay, come with cash in hand - things just work easier that way.

Looking for a hotel in Seoul

 Hi, just a question about getting a hotel near Duksung Women's University in Seoul.  I don't know the area well but I just need to stay overnight one night in June.  Any recommendations?

Lee & No = HORRIBLE Hostel

I was going to Seoul with a girlfriend for the first time.  We chose this hostel because it got great reviews online and it looked to be a good location.

The bus we took into Seoul was delayed by several hours due to traffic... We called the hostel to let them know we would be arriving late.  They said ok, they understood, no problem.

When we arrived it was near midnight, POURING rain.  We saw a note w/ my name on the door.  First stating that they had split us up (we paid extra to be in a room together).  They also said to punch in a keycode.  Having never been to Korea before, I didn't know what that meant.  I rang the doorbell.

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