Seoul Rain a Video

It's a little poetic and on the short side, but I like it! If you like it too why not share it with your pals. But really this video captures how the rain can make you contemplate life and all it's wonders.

Hongdae: Board Game Cafe

As you can see I went to Hongdae with a good pal of mine last weekend, and we tromped around the area doing all sorts of fun things. One of those items was visiting a board game cafe that we cam upon randomly. At first I was looking for a cafe to eat some patbingsu, but the rain was coming down really hard.

Hongdae: Lunch at Jenny's Bread

Up this steep hill and along a backstreet near Hongik University lies a little bread making restaurant that you might not know about. It is called Jenny's bread and I was craving their scrumptious sandwiches, which I haven't had in a few years.


This is the result of today's haircut at Hair and Joy in Hongdae. I am going to be honest here, I am not 100% satisfied. Yes I like the salon and the hair stylist, but I didn't want it this short. However, as for a short cut it does look well and the shape is good.

Hair & Joy = Best Place to get a Hair Cut

When it comes to getting your hair cut in Korea I have been here and there trying to find the best place. My needs are a bit different as I have naturally curly hair and don't want someone to style it up after the cut. I just want someone who knows what they are doing and enjoys it too. Places I have had my haircut include: EunhaBNC in Gangnam, Zen Art (cut it way too short), and EunhaBNC in Ewha.

A week in Seoul

A couple of weeks ago I travelled to Seoul. The last time I was in Seoul was the day I arrived in South Korea and barring seeing the interior of airport lounges, a subway car and the glittering Seoul streetlights from the window of the plane I couldn’t really consider Seoul as being ticked off on the list of things to do. Kate planned to visit me and with my academy gratiously granting my holiday request we planned an extensive trip trip to the Paris of Asia.

Monday, April 18th.

Destination: Pinnacle and the Antidote / Rock Tigers

In the interest of documenting a kick-ass show at DGBD, I present this photo essay courtesy of Angie Gilman. She’s a writer with the Lonely Planet that came out to the show, sharing a story about how a monkey stole her Canon in Thailand. She did some pretty cool stuff with my Nikon D80, although all edits and words below are my own. Lest my wonderful readers think I lend my expensive camera to any person with a sob story, she was a friend of a friend.

Having recently written about them for the Groove, I give you Pinnacle and the Antidote:

Inevitable Genius at Salon Badabie

Saturday, February 26, 2011 - 19:00



Destination: Burlesque girls in lingerie (NSFW)

Author’s note: this post is rated NSFW – not all workspaces can handle pretty girls in lingerie. You have been warned.

Yes, I’m fascinated by burlesque. I was while living in the US, and that fascination has recently been stoked (pun, um, not intended) by the girls of Frills & Thrills. This all-expat, all-female group performed in Hongdae on Saturday, and I’m happy to say this show went far better than the previous one I attended. Let the record show that the Lady in Red not only came with me, but dressed properly for the occasion.

Fun times: Seoul

I stumbled upon some guys playing djembe drums in Hongdae the last time I was in Seoul having my dreds re-twisted. After listening for a bit, I dropped 1,000 won in their tray and asked if I could sit in for a quick jam session. Big ups to Kickerjean for the video. Hopefully I won’t regret showing my face.


Kimchi Dreadlocks

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