The Cowboy Pirate Meet Market

On Saturday, November 24th, Myoung Wol Gwan will have their monthly queer party in Hongdae. This edition of The Meet Market will also include some speed dating. Who doesn't want to have a blind date with a cowboy pirate?

Coffee with Character, Part V

The temperatures in Korea are dropping quickly.  Too quickly if you ask me.  Soon enough, Seoulites will be forced to bundle up and head indoors to escape the harsh Korean winter weather..  While there are plenty of things to do throughout the city during the winter, there's no better place to pass a cold day than in a cafe- especially when it's themed. So, just in time for winter, I give you a new list of places to explore during the cold season to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, served with a whole lot of character.

1.  Capi Capi Loom Loom Cafe:  If you've had your fix of Hello Kitty and want to cuddle with another cute Japanese character, Capi Capi is the place for you.  Rilakkuma, a ridiculously adorable teddy bear famous throughout Asia, is the star of this cafe in an unassuming building near Sungshin Women's University. 

Wig & Pantyhose at Myoung Wol Gwan

Myoung Wol Gwan, which throws the monthly Meet Market party, is having a different sort of queer party at the end of the month on Friday, November 30th. Touted as the first cross dresser queer party in Seoul, the night also includes a crossdresser whiplash show at midnight; the party looks like it could be a blast (though a tad on the pricey side).


Jeonju Makgeolli (전주 막걸리)


Name: Jeonju Makgeolli (전주 막걸리)

The Halloween Meet Market

It would be pretty difficult to decide which queer Halloween party to attend this weekend. I haven't been to the Meet Market since July, so if I was in Seoul, I'd probably go there. 

Coffee with Character: Demonic/Darling Dolls

This weekend, I decided to head out to Hongdae to see if I could find a new themed cafe to blog about. I walked around for an hour, eventually making my way into the adjacent neighborhood of Hapjeong, peeking into cafes to see if any of them were worth checking out. Just as I was about to give up on my search, something caught my eye. An unassuming two story brick house sat at the back of a parking lot. "Cafe Blue Fairy" had two large bay windows trimmed with powder blue, displaying something I couldn't quite make out from the street. I stepped closer to see that they were dolls. I had a good feeling about this place, so I entered to find that I had hit the jackpot as far as interesting themed cafes are concerned and soon realized that this one would be worthy of its own separate post.

The Meet Market: White Party

This Saturday will see Myoung Wo Gwan host another Meet Market party. Alas, I will be busy on September 1st, but I highly recommend their parties. There will be a drag queen and drag king show at midnight, as well as limbo at 10pm with the winners getting a ottle of vodka.... Sounds like a good party. Plus, donations will help provide job opportunities for women rescued from sex trafficking.

Seoul, Sinchon - Sinchon Rest

Sinchon Rest has a very old feel to it.  For some reason they don't give the women keys at the desk, but the give the men some.  Instead you go in, find a locker, and grab the key from the locker.  The wet area had an assortment of standing and sitting showers.  There were two saunas, one stone and one wood.  For bathes there was a hot, a hotter, and a freezing.

In terms of sleeping this jjimjilbang is amazing, especially for women.  There were sleeping areas right there in the wet area if you didn't feel comfortable going to the mixed area to sleep.  The sleeping room was on the fourth floor and had a large mixed area, as well as a glassed off area with bunks for women only.  There was a small room just for men on the floor below next to the gym and nail/hair salon.

Slow and Healthy: Slobbie Restaurant in Hongdae

I recently found myself in Hongdae with my friend at a vegetarian (yet had meat options) kind of restaurant. My friend has been staying with me these past few weeks as she is in between jobs and needs a place to crash. Her stay has been helpful towards some fun nights.

Anyways, she is a vegetarian and I figured why not find a suitable restaurant for her while she tags along with me to Hongdae for a haircut.

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