Meeting 8 – Hawaiian Makgeolli (하와이언 막걸리) Photo Gallery

We were a little skeptical about Hawaiian Makgeolli with their promises of ‘pizza’, but we were very pleasantly surprised! Mamas & Papas had a fantastic time here, we ate well, tasted well, and overall it was a comfortable and relaxing night.

March 16th Meeting – Registration OPEN!!

Mamas & Papas are going young and trendy! We are set to check out ‘Makgeolli Salon’ near Hongdae University. It’s a well known spot among students and has a good selection of fresh makgeolli. It has a lively atmosphere and the menu may have a few tricks we haven’t seen before, so we are excited to try it out!

Makgelli Salon
If you want in, send us your emails at mmpkorea@gmail.com!

Meeting 8 – Jeonju Makgeolli (전주 막걸리) Photo Gallery

If you have ever been to Jeonju, you will know that it is the Mecca for Makgeolli. The style of Jeonju makgeolli is to be presented with a vast array of side dish after side dish, and we managed to find a place in Seoul that gives a little taste of that. Jeonju Makgeolli also imports the owner’s personal favorite kind of makgeolli that he maintains will not give you a hangover. We weren’t entirely convinced ;)
Check out our review here.

Hawaiian Makgeolli (하와이언 막걸리)

Name: Hawaiian Makgeolli

Location: Hongdae

Reviewed By: Mamas & Papas on 2nd February, 2013

Thoughts: Tucked underground and away from the chaos of Hongdae, Hawaiian Makgeolli is a quaint tropical getaway that provides its customers with a chance to sample a giant array of makgeolli. All of the makgeolli is charted out with a map from where it came from, as well as a 5 category diagram which ranks each makgeolli according to body, sour taste, sweet taste, alcohol, and carbonation content, to ensure the perfect selection. The friendly and prompt service is a welcoming compliment to the unique blend of East meets West meets tropics fusion. The dim lit atmosphere accompanied by the faint sounds of ‘60s surf rock makes for a pleasurable dining and wining experience.

The It Gets Better Meet Market

Tonight is The Meet Market's monthly party. Unfortunately, I am broke so I won't be heading to the party tonight. However, I am going on a date with my 애인, so life is good. 

Check out their Facebook page for more details. 

Registration Open for February 2nd Meeting!!

Hold on to your grass skirts Mamas & Papas, we are trying something a little different for the next meeting. We are headed to a relatively new Makgeolli House called ‘Hawaiian Makgeolli’ which promises something a little different to the usual traditional style. We spy pizza instead of pajeon, and we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see if it works! The house is near Hongdae, so if you want in send us an email at mmpkorea@gmail.com to secure your place. It’s first in first served as always, so make sure you jump in quick!
Hawaiian Mak Inside

Aloha :)

Wolhyang – Hongdae

Name: Wolhyang

Location: Hongdae

Recommended by: Twitter/Word of Mouth
Wolhyang Food - Seoultaste

1, 2, Cha, Cha, Cha: The Rounds of Korean Nightlife

It's no secret that Koreans are some of the hardest workers in the world.  From a young age, one spends his or her school days buried in books, memorizing endless pages of material, and hopping from math to English to art academy.  There's very little time for play, or childhood even.  Things don't change much by the time one reaches the workplace.  Of the cities across the globe, those working in Seoul put in the most working hours per week on average. Efficiency has nothing to do with it, but because of their propensity to work hard, they find it necessary to play hard, too.  And very few can play as hard as Koreans do.

Seoul Santacon 2012 – The North Invades South Korea

Gay Events this Weekend (November 23rd-25th)

Want to party hard this weekend? If you want to make it queer, you have a couple of options. Of course, Circuit is having their themed parties. Friday night is their High Jungle Party. Tarzan theme? Not very impressive. Or you can go to their military/underwear show on Saturday night. Includes a Japanese stripper? (pictured above)

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