I Am Makgeolli (아이엠 막걸리)

Name: I Am Makgeolli  (아이엠 막걸리)

Location: Hongdae

Dog and cat cafes are well-known in Korea, but did you know that...

KQCF: A Queer Weekend

Since it is pride, a lot of parties are happening this weekend. Especially on Saturday. Three parties are happening in Hongdae. The official After Party is at Factory Underground. KQCF's website is down at the moment, but I'll include more info when I can access the website.

The lesbian club Labris also has a official after party as you can see in this poster. (Which is quite a beautiful poster, huh?) Has anyone seen a poster for the Labris party?

KQCF 2013: Pride Parade

June is right around the corner! The big event of the Korean culture Festival is on June 1st. While previous prides have been downtown near Cheonggyecheon stream, this years festival will be in Hongdae.

Wolhyang (월향)


Name: Wolhyang (월향)

Location: Hongdae

Danimgil Makgeolli Pub (다님길 막걸리)

Name: Danimgil Makgeolli Pub (다님길 막걸리) Location: Hongdae Reviewed by: Mama Julia & Mama Wangmin on 20th April, 2013 Thoughts: Danimgil is a casual and relaxed makgeolli bar with an [...]

Meeting 10 – Makgeolli Salong (막걸리 싸롱) Photo Gallery

If you’re looking for somewhere lively and relaxed in Hongdae for makgeolli, this place would fit the bill. Mamas & Papas felt particularly laid back here and we tried just [...]

Makgeolli Salong (막걸리 싸롱)

Name: Makgeolli Salong (막걸리 싸롱) Location: Hongdae Reviewed by: Mamas & Papas on: 13th March, 2013 Thoughts: Makgeolli Salong is a loud and bustling location which becomes packed with people [...]

The Spring Meet Market

Tonight is the last Meet Market until June!  Information is all available on their flyer:

Directions - From Hongik University Subway Station.

Another Long Weekend-Seoul Trip

We got another long weekend on the March 1st as it was a national holiday. This holiday is known as Independence Day or the Samil Movement, it was one of the earliest public displays of Korean resistance during the occupation of the Korean Empire by Japan. Yippeeee for national holidays!

We decided to go to Seoul for two nights. David, myself, Amanda and Brandon have been on a strict healthy eating and exercise regime since the 1st January and Friday the 28th  February was officially the LAST day! So  it was inevitable that Seoul was going to be a junk food and alcohol fest!!!

For this weekend we decided to stay in a hostel in Hong-dae called Pencil Second. All four of us stayed in one room, which was an apartment style dorm. It cost 17,000 won per person per night.

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