Random pictures: Hongdae murals edition, part 2

As promised on the last Hongdae murals post, I have more. These were all taken around Hongik University, also known as Hongdae to the locals:An ancient Indian myth, or something else?Crystals. Drawn by a permanent marker. Line by line. How long would that take to make?It's not Banksy, but it's still beautiful.I'm sure someone out there can comment on these pieces better than I can.Same crystal

Random pictures: Hongdae murals edition

OK, so they're not entirely random pictures - but they're still beautiful in their own... weird... way. If you've walked around Hongdae you might have seen a few of these - but I bet you haven't seen them all. Enjoy:Sorry, but Hongdae's changed since the last time you were here...Any Music majors recognize the song?There are a few showing 'Nana', or stating the fact that 'Nana is real' or 'Nana

Soundbox (article for March 2010 Groove)

Author's note: A version of this article appears in the March 2010 issue of the Groove. Pictures in this post are my own, and are different from those in the Groove.

Santacon 2009 - Seoul style

Rubber Seoul 2009

Rubber Seoul is an annual fundraiser for Hillcrest AIDS center in South Africa, helping people with AIDS. You could come out for the 'feel-good' element of donating money to a good cause - or because you could get into three Hongdae clubs for one low, 10,000 won price. Either way, 100% of the cover charge went to the organization.

Bridget and the Puppycats - we arrived to Janes Groove fashionably late, and missed Sotto Gamba. One of the Puppycats played the first accordian I've seen on a Hongdae stage.

Life in Korea: enjoying a Club Night or all-nighter in Hongdae

For my more experienced expat readers: Life in Korea posts are geared towards the newer expats here in Korea. If you have any further advice about the subject, comment away!

Define Club Day
: an opportunity to enter about 20 of Hongdae's clubs on the last Friday of every month. Pay 20,000 won for a free drink ticket and a colored bracelet that gets you into any of the clubs listed on the brochure.

Drag show in Hongdae!

Jane's Groove (link goes to Facebook page) knows how to rock. Period. Last weekend offered both Jane's 2nd anniversary party and a drag show featuring Yoein-Choenha a.k.a. Women’s Empire. Although various places in Itaewon offers drag shows (including Trance - HT to Ji-Yoon for the reminder), this is the first one I'm aware of in Hongdae in the year and a half I've been here. A 5,000 won entry fee included a free drink up to 5,000 won, making getting in basically free.

Seoul, Hongdae - Happy Day Jjimjilbang

This sauna is exceedingly easy to find. Despite this, my bf and I wandered around for over an hour trying to remember where it was! Now we know, and we will never stay anywhere else in Hongdae. If you leave the Hongik University subway stop (line 2) from exit 5, just walk straight along that street until you get to the large, tall Gyu Su Dang wedding hall (규수당 웨딩홀) building. The jjimjilbang is inside that building, down one level. Easy.

Inside, you'll find some 3 floors of nice rooms and baths, moderately quiet areas to sleep, and separate levels for the sauna and jjimjil. For 7,000 won or less (depending on what time you arrive) you can even put your things in the lockers, get ready to shake your goove thing, and ask them to keep your key at the front till you arrive again in the wee hours. For a jjimjilbang, that's pretty rad.

서울시 마포구 서교동 371-10 번지 B1층
Seoul, Mapo Gu, Seo-gyo Dong 371-10, B1
Open 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week

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