The Hands of Harmony in Pohang

I’ve gone before, but the Hands of Harmony in Pohang was fun to see again. There is one hand in the ocean, and the other (palms facing) on the walkway. It’s at Homigot Sunrise Square (호미곶 해맞이광장) -and the only way to get there is to drive (preferably by GPS).

Maybe it’s only known amongst Koreans, but a nickname for Korea is “the sleeping tiger” because (1) Korea is quite ferocious and (2) the Korean peninsula is in the shape of a tiger. If the Korean peninsula is seen as a tiger shape, Homigot (호미곶), in Pohang is the tail. I share this tidbit with you because you’ll see the shape of the tiger decorating the walkway of the Homigot Sunrise Square.

If you visit, make time to visit the Homigot Lighthouse and Lighthouse Museum within walking distance!

Address: 228 Daebo-ri Homigot-myeon Nam-gu Pohang-si Gyeongsangbuk-do
경상북도 포항시 남구 호미곶면 호미곶면 대보리 228

South Korea Adventure #19- Journey to the Big Hand.. Homigot 호미곶

This was the last ride of the year. It has been pretty cold at night. I love to ride; it's one of my biggest passions in life. This riding season was pretty good. I rode over 12,000 km. I figure I have ridden about 30,000km in Korea now. Korea is a great place to ride. The country is small so it is easy to get around. The smaller highways are used less, so the traffic is usually light. This season I got to redo some of my favorite rides. So for the final ride we decided to just ride and not stop too much. We still ended up riding a bit at night. It was cold but bearable. When we started to come back the sun was starting to set. The sky was red. Everything felt great and connected. That is why I love to ride. Later as it was dark we rode past some pagodas that were lit up. We were down a desolate stretch of highway. An hour later we were back in Busan. It felt good to get back in the city.

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