The Afternoon That Got Swept Away

Although getting home at five PM is pretty sweet compared to most jobs in life, my afternoon today was a little bit different from usual. I was thinking of going to Lotte Mart to pick up some things, but then decided I didn't feel like eating dinner there. When I entered the entrance of my apartment complex the Ahjusshi was there along with another fellow. The Ahjusshi asked me something, but I didn't know what he was saying. However, it sounded pretty serious. The only thing I made out of it was a number, and so I figured he needed some payment.

Actually, when I moved in the previous teacher/tenant gave me a bag of money and a payment slip. He told me to head to the management office and pay it next month. Well time has passed, and I did go to the management office last month. But they only took half my payment. So I figured the Ahjusshi today was trying to get me to pay the rest.

First Blossoms of Spring

Yesterday, when I left school, my colleague and I discovered our first blossoms of spring. So today I decided to truck along the camera and get snapshots of them. Therefore what you see today is a view of my walk home from work.

Tom the Laptop

I have yet to purchase a desk for my home. Instead of a nice comfortable place to do my work I have been completing it on my bed. Tom seems to find this a fun advantage for him, as instead of my laptop making it onto my lap, Tom gets there first most often. Usually the following picture is how I look while I try to get ahead on my lesson planning.

Air Conditioning and blackouts

The Joongnang Ilbo reports that blackouts are possible this summer due to air conditioner use or overuse.

If reserves fall below the 4 million kilowatt level, the government has the right to demand power cuts and control electricity usage.

Of course, the threat of power cuts has been raised in previous summers, and in some winters, but they’ve always been avoided.

One method was through conservation measures, and the ministry is planning to restrict the use of air-conditioning starting next month during the peak hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. for buildings that consume more than 2,000 ton-oil-equivalents (or TOEs) of energy.

The government will advise buildings to turn off the air-conditioners for 10 minutes every hour.

becoming or staying slim

When I visit my hometown, I see giant people climb out of giant cars (or SUVS, mostly).  Here, in Busan, but also in Korea generally, I see slim people and the younger they are – to young adulthood – the taller they are.

While I don’t have any news about how or why the generation entering the workforce is the tallest I’ve seen in Korea (I figure it is the increased amount of protein in their diets), I just read an interesting post about land-use in cities correlated to obesity.  The results aren’t startling, but until a test or two are done, it isn’t really known.

In “Walking and Obesity: the City Life and the Country Life“, Sci reports on a journal article that tracked 10,000 people in and around Atlanta, Georgia.

Note to Mr. Wilson: stay home

In my hometown’s weekly newspaper, a summer-resident or cottager is upset that some people don’t like cottagers.

My hometown has around 15,000 residents through the winter and 150,000 in the summer.  These summer-residents do pay taxes that help run our town, but they also vote for things that affect them to the detriment of year-long residents.  I didn’t live in town as an adult for long enough to have a strong opinion of the cottagers, but i do recall cottagers voted  for an official who would prevent a new resort from opening up, thus denying locals a new source of jobs.

Even if I were strongly in the pro-cottager camp (I am, in fact, a fence-sitter), I wouldn’t be too upset about free speech.  If Mr Wilson wants everyone to publicly agree on everything, he should move to the very rural country just north of the one I currently live in.


Mostly settled in.

I am typing this from our new apartment in Busan, so clearly the move was at least mostly successful.  I am still learning about the city and how to find stuff.  I took my son to Nampodong today and we had ice cream and visited a few bookstores and a Frisbee store.  The bookstores weren’t anything special and I haven’t found any with a good selection of English books.  One in Seomyeon has an okay selection but mostly they are based on screenplays or the movie were based on them.  What the Book, based in Seoul but delivering anywhere in Seoul should not feel threatened.

The Frisbee store does not sell frisbees.  It is an Apple store (did everyone else know that?) and I will be taking my mouse in to see if they can clean out the scroll wheel.  I looked at the new magic mouse with the touch sensitive surface and no moving part to get gummed up but 89,000 won is more than I can afford, at the moment anyway.

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