Patbingsu Quest: Homil Hodu Cafe

The quest continues for this summer's really amazing patbingsu. I am bringing you another one from my neighborhood. This time from an unlikely place, a cafe that sells walnut pies and treats. I like hodu pies but usually in the winter time or around Thanskgiving, as they remind me of back home. When I saw the patbingsu picture on dispaly I figured why not give it a try.

Tom in the Sun

The sun was out last Tuesday, as opposed to these last soggy days, and Tom seemed to enjoy the rays.

Food Scraps Disposal in Korea

It's one of the first things you learn when living in Korea, and that is you must separate your trash down to every little piece. Food scraps can't be thrown in with your regular garbage and sometimes require a special bag. Often, though, buildings collect the food scraps in one large bin, which is then sent off to someplace to incinerate.

The real problem, I feel, comes down to how you personally collect your food scraps without stinking up the house. For my first few years in Korea I put my food scraps in a separate and bagged waste basket and threw it out every few days. This worked, but during the warmer seasons things would get stinky and buggy.

Finally, this year I came upon a miracle plastic device that seems to help do the trick.

Life of Tom

JH said it perfectly yesterday, "I wish I could trade lives with Tom and Tiger." Tom's life is pretty serene and well taken care of.

He is getting past his kittenness and sleeping a lot during the daytime, already having his favorite spots.

How To Unclog Your Drain in Korea

Have a clogged up drain somewhere in your shoe-box of a house in Korea? Find yourself standing in a hairy-watery mess in your shower? Or perhaps you were like me finding the water in the bathroom sink not draining and making it hard to keep up on cleanliness.

Have no fear for the 배수관청소기, or as I like to call it the, "Korean Hand Drain-Snake." Well, you can call it whatever you want but this thing really helps in this situation.

Nowon at Sunset

Taken in March.
The "back" of the sunset...

on the streets.

In this big city, loneliness is somehow inevitable, as you walk amongst a sea of black hair and incessant clicking heels. Sometimes though, as I walk past each person, I feel I get a half a second glimpse into their world as our realities are intertwined, if even for just that fleeting moment. The strong scent of aftershave follows the gentleman dressed like Ron Burgundy and lingers for a few more steps. I have a feeling he just came from that love motel but it is anyone's guess. As my ipod provides the soundtrack, in my head are a million different stories about that man and how he came to be at that very place, at that very moment, intersecting paths with this foreigner.

Home Cooking: Minestrone Soup

Something Sweet in the Air

Tom Plays on this Fine Spring Morning

I vacuumed the house and took care of a few chores, and so I figured why not make a little video of Tom playing. Besides, the little guy has grown so much and I thought you might like to see that.

He really is a sweet guy until he wakes me up at 6:30 in the morning by sitting on my head.

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