How a Recent Saturday Went By

For some reason the cold weather pushed me to do some baking. So it is that I let three bananas go ripe and collected all the necessary ingredients to bake some banana muffins.

Tieing Up Loose Ends from Home

This letter is to warn people thinking of coming to Korea. It could also serve those already here. You see, I have received letters stating I owe that last place I rented, in America, a termination fee.

Now I moved out in April 2008, and before I did I made sure the lease was handed over to the current roommate. I alerted the office I was moving, too. And then I get these letters stating that someone moved out in 2010 earlier than when the lease expires and I have to pay for it.

Since I moved out and have lived in Korea I have gotten rid of all that paperwork, a big mistake. Also I never really checked back with ex-roomie if everything was 100%. Although, I think I did and I have some emails asking her if things were good.

Ex-roomie will not return my calls or emails. This is frustrating because I just want to know her story and understand what happened.


Living in a rectangular prism can get you down sometimes. There is only so much room for you, your cat and your stuff. That is why last night I stayed up thinking about how I could rearrange my furniture. My goal was to make it so that I could access my art supplies easily, and so wouldn't feel the dread of having to set it up every time.

First I thought I needed to buy another table to devote to my art. But then I realized I use my computer often for photo reference and so could just continue to use the desk I have.

Tom the Cat is One Year Old

Approximately a year ago my ex (sad face) knocked on my door and had with him a box. He said, "Open the box." I did and out popped three little furry and dirty heads.

Since then I have been mom to the sweetest cat there is, Tom. (Except for when my friend took care of him for me for 6 months. Thank you!)

What's For Dinner? Yellow Lentil Curry

Sometimes a good home cooked meal is what you need to wash away city life. I have been enjoying dal or lentil curry dishes at Indian restaurants and wondered if I could make the same thing at home. After finding a recipe online I figured why not give it a try.

The above ingredients are a mix of ones I have found in Korea and those I have brought with me from a recent trip back home (turmeric, curry powder and cumin). The lentils were purchased online from nicedeli.com.

My "Ten Years Later" 9/11 Post

You might be already a little sick of the news generating article after article about the ten year anniversary over the events on 9/11/2011. But for me this year's anniversary feels more potent. I can't help but think about all that has transpired in my life and the world within the last ten years.

Tom and his Brother

Tom and his brother Kaiju make a great pair. Sometimes they get to have playdates when one of their owners goes out of town. They fought with each other at times but it was mostly play.

The Double Life: A Visit Home

Let me introduce you to the half of my double life that I visited during my vacation. It surprised me how quickly I settled back into it and how easily old routines emerged. I had known that I was learning a lot about myself basically living a double life away from home, but something my mom mentioned during a drive from California back up to Oregon resonated. She explained how much she learns about herself with each trip to California to visit her family. It wasn't immediately after, but as my time in the U.S. grew short and my reflective switch turned on, I noticed the same was true for me during my visit home. I learned that I'm over a lot of internal and external conflict that I had previously though still bothered me, but not over some things that I had previously forgotten.

My Boyfriend's Backyard

First, let's take a look at a traditional summer food called Samgyetang. You are suppose to eat it three times in the summer. I had my share of it when I was at JH's house a few weekends ago, and his mom made it fresh for us.

Summer Sunset from My Building

This was on Friday and I couldn't help but notice the hues playing outside. It was a welcome show of color.

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