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I kid because I love. But in this case I’m not kidding. I do live in a tower, a twenty storey high tower pitched between what seems like a thousand other twenty storey high towers. Although mine is made from concrete, steel, and glass, not ivory. This may or may not be a good thing.


After a long summer away in Ireland, myself, Herself, and +1 have returned to our perch overlooking the ever present traffic which persists along that big long avenue that runs through Yeongtong-dong which I have no idea of the name.

Colours, Colours, Colours! A Good Vibes Post for My First Two Weeks Back in Ireland.

I’ve been back in Ireland for approximately two weeks. I promise that during this post I will not mention the weather too much. All I can say is that it has been unseasonal.


When we return to Ireland we spend most of time in my parents home and my old stomping ground, Beechdale in Dunboyne. At the best of times it’s a fairly ordinary housing estate on the outskirts of Dublin, albeit in County Meath. We also managed to get down to Kerry for a few days, to show the visitors around (the visitors being Herself’s oul pair who are over here with us).

Well, we’ve been doing plenty of touristing around here (yes there are some things worth doing) and also down in Kerry. It has been a good few weeks.

A Letter to Daddy (on Father’s Day)

Dear Daddy,

Let Me Tell You Something about My Korean Parents-in-law

Playing With My New Toy!

Yesterday I told you about my new toy.DSC_0005

Today with the sun shining and no pressing business, I ventured out into the wilds of Yeongtong-dong in Suwon and played with it. I won’t lie I’m still using it a little like a point-and-shoot, but I still can feel the difference. The focus is by far my favourite, as well as the texture of the photographs. I can’t really go into what makes them look or feel different, maybe it’s just that they look more real.

Honey, Thanks for the Additional Calories! ^^



Shop Local

I have some incredibly talented friends, not only are they knock outs on skates, but they're industrious little bees that sell amazing products.

If you have access to the internet, or find yourself lucky enough to be in or around Sheffield, you should check them out.


“Getting There”

This is a short narrative post I initially set out to write for Groove Magazine‘s “Share Story, Win Trip” writing competition. The call came out for ‘funny’ travel stories where a lesson was learned. The winning pieces would be read out loud dramatically. Frankly, there just aren’t enough of these kind of encouraging writing opportunities in Korea. I could say more but I’ll get distracted.

I started writing mine and about two paragraphs from the end I decided that it wasn’t a travel story. So I stopped writing. I came back about a week later and took another crack at it, tidied it up but left it loosely over the 500 word limit, which kind of left it for any kind of flash litt and too short to be considered anything else. Still it’s a good story. You’ll laugh. I hope. 

Getting There



I'm sat at my desk at school now and it feels like I've hardly been away, despite spending nearly 3 weeks back in England. Above are the pictures of my room when I walked in shattered on Saturday night, it would appear that without me there Nick had far too much time on his hands.

The month started brilliantly with some skiing at High One although alot of the time was spent on my behind in the snow, wallowing about the lack of skills I have when it comes to skiing. I blame roller derby and my dodgy knees for that!

The ‘City’ Below

I use quotation marks for city only because Jangnim, not (yet, hopefully in 2014) on the subway line, is in a lot of ways a world away from Busan proper. One girl posting on the Saha-gu Foreigner and Friends Facebook page commented that this area feels like a more authentic Korea. The only foreign food easily accessible is in the food of cereal at Home Plus or the Chinese restaurants owned by Koreans. For Indian, you’ll have to take the bus to the nearest subway station, then travel about 5 or 6 stops to the next hub. 

And, it’s slowly becoming OK. Is there adjustment passed? Thankfully, yes. Is there adjustment still to come? Surely. But, I’m adjusting.

And, with that, here is the city below, as seen from the public balcony located just outside my apartment:

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