The Girl Who Peed In Her Shoe

by Mr. Motgol

I met her at Al’s Bar, which was the greatest place in LA, as far as I was concerned. It was a haven–a shelter from the nauseating, status-obsessed banality that made up so much of the city’s night life–an exquisite dive full of honest, friendly people, with live punk rock music seven nights a week. The music booker was a smiling lesbian named “Toast.” That tells you all you need to know.

Out of My League



In Search Of New Images

“…There are few images to be found. One has to dig for them like an archaeologist. One has to search through this ravaged landscape to find anything at all… It’s often tied up with risk, of course, which I would never shun, but I see so few people today who dare to address our lack of adequate images. We absolutely need images in tune with our civilization, images that resonate with what is deepest within us. We need to go into war zones, if need be, or anywhere else it takes us…to find images that are pure and clear and transparent… I’d go to Mars or Saturn if I could…because it’s no longer easy here on this Earth to find that something that gives images their transparency the way you could before.”

From Werner Herzog, a man who has added countless new images to cinema. I found the quote here.

KAs@Work: Filmmaker Ien Chi

Busan Cinematheque Brings Back Glory Days of Hollywood


Where: Busan Cinematheque

When: June 8-22

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