Queer Links from the Week

Queer Links from the Week

Queer Links from the Week

Koreansexgods is a Tumblr a friend introduced me to recently. Lots of cute boys in black and white.
Allkpop: Eye Candy: Blonde K-Pop boys
Allkpop: Noh Hong Chul talks about rumors that he wears women’s underwear

Queer Links from the Week

Picture collections of cute boy group members on Allkpop are queer news, right?
The Hankyoreh: HIV-positive Koreans worry about being shut out of employment

Queer Links from the Week

Last Minute Lecture: Korea's Response to AIDS

This is very last minute, but this lecture by Sister Miriam Cousins at the Royal Asiatic Society looks really interesting. From their website:

Gay Links from the Week

Life in Korea: getting an AIDS test free and anonymously

Author's note: Life in Korea posts are aimed at the newer expats amongst us - if you have a more experienced perspective to offer, feel free to comment away.

After the recent Rubber Seoul event, I thought I'd share a little public service announcement. An AIDS test is something that should be on your list if you're sexually active. The Korea Federation for HIV/AIDS Prevention (KHAP) offers free and anonymous testing in Seoul and Ansan twice a month, once at each location. Beyond the free condoms you can pick up there, it's important. For more information or make a reservation, check out

Head to the Ansan center every 1st Sunday or the Seoul center every 3rd Sunday. You need a reservation; call 02-927-4323 for the Seoul center or 031-495-0560 for the Ansan center. 

Rubber Seoul 2009

Rubber Seoul is an annual fundraiser for Hillcrest AIDS center in South Africa, helping people with AIDS. You could come out for the 'feel-good' element of donating money to a good cause - or because you could get into three Hongdae clubs for one low, 10,000 won price. Either way, 100% of the cover charge went to the organization.

Bridget and the Puppycats - we arrived to Janes Groove fashionably late, and missed Sotto Gamba. One of the Puppycats played the first accordian I've seen on a Hongdae stage.

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