South Korean HIV/AIDS Patients Face Discrimination & Abuse

Christian Science Monitor writer John Powers says that while HIV & AIDS patients in South Korea have long found it difficult to find medical care, as the number of cases increase, so does patient abuse. Korea FM spoke with John Power & US attorney Benjamin Wagner, who has argued at the UN against discrimination in South Korea, to find out more about how HIV & AIDS patients are treated in the ROK.

Interview answers, both in written & audio form, have been edited for length & clarity.

Queer Links from the Week

A couple of these links are about the HIV testing for foreign teachers ... However, I included them here for interested readers.

Global Giving: Rainbow Teen Safe Space
Kimchi Monster: HIV Testing of Foreign Teachers

Red Party on November 29th

Next week there is a great event planned for World AIDS Day. Plus, who doesn't want to celebrate Thanksgiving by seeing a sexy Go-Go boy supporting a charity?

The party's promoter contacted me with all the info, so I've just copied and pasted it below. Enjoy!

Why don't you use a condom?

Found this great survey from iShap. Education everyone!

Queer Links from the Week

Another Queer Weekend

Of course, the LGBT Film Festival is going on all weekend. But if you are looking to grab a drink instead of see a film that shouldn't be a problem.

If you want to try something new, head to LOVO and get a free drink. As I haven't been yet, I can't promise anything, but the interior looks nice.

Queer Links from the Week

Pretend that I posted this yesterday...
Check out the drag queens in Lee Hyori's Miss Korea (hat tip to STL Does 대한민국)

GrooveKorea: Dear Korea: I Still Don't Have AIDS

Solidarity's Salon De AIDS

Gay rights group Solidarity for LGBT Human Rights of Korea is having a Salon De AIDS (살롱 드 에이즈) with conferences on May 11th and May 25th (Saturdays).  Here is a translation of the info provided. (If you think I've made mistakes that affect the meaning of the notice, please let me know). 
"During this time, how could we talk about AIDS?

KHAP in Seoul (HIV / Aids Testing)

I got my biannual HIV/AIDS check this past Sunday at KHAP (Korean Federation for HIV/AIDS Prevention) in Seoul. I highly recommend using this service to foreigners in Korea who want an anonymous HIV exam during their stay in Korea. It is quick, professional, provided in English, and free.

HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign in Seoul

After a wonderful date in Apgujeong, including a love box viewing of Les Mis, I headed home via subway. There, I saw a huge poster with an HIV/AIDS awareness poster.

The top message says 'AIDS, if you know it correctly, it isn't scary'.
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