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“The mountain of the odd and wise people”

JPD does ROK’s Most Read Posts (So Far)

This was a very fun list to put together, bringing back a flood of memories that occasionally feel like they were yesterday. Then I realize, some of them are almost a year old. It also reminded me of all those cheapo “best of” posts Patch forced us to do instead of real news.

To celebrate my recent decision to create a Facebook page dedicated to this blog, as well as the upcoming one-year anniversary of my return to these Asian shores, and to celebrate what will hopefully be a great new job, new apartment and new adventure in Gimhae, South Korea, I wanted to share what have been my top five posts so far on JPD does ROK. Enjoy.

Malaysia: Part 1 Malaysian Borneo

Scenic secluded beach.

2013 was an unforgettable year full of travelling adventures. I spent time in eight different countries and enjoyed almost twelve weeks of vacation. I’m not sure I’ll be blessed with so much time off in 2014 but I will endeavour to continue fulfilling the adventurous and international lifestyle that my life has taken on over the last few years.

Winter Hiking in South Korea: Part 4 표충사, 재약산, 천황산 and 능농산 (Pyochungsa, Jaeyaksan, Cheonhwangsan and Neungnongsan)

Looking over Jaeyaksan's cliff edge

In what has come to be quite a mini series for December/January I now present you with my final hiking blog until I return from Malaysia. I have really enjoyed the previous three hikes and it certainly gives me a great amount of satisfaction to do something I enjoy outside of the football season (Which incidentally I have decided to abstain from next season). The hike on Christmas Day was fantastic, more mountain climbing than hiking, but definitely an adventure. With that in mind I spent some time researching other mountains in the Yeongnam Alps and I planned a route that would take me to another famous temple and over three big peaks.

Winter Hiking in South Korea: Part 3 금정산 (Geumjeongsan)

Winter Hiking in South Korea: Part 2 통도사, 비로엄, 영축산 and 신불산 (Tongdosa, Biroam, Yeongchuksan and Sinbulsan)

Follow Us Around: Gangneung Day 2

Since we arrived a little bit later on Saturday, we saved our hiking for Day 2! After a quick breakfast at Angel in us Coffee, we started our drive to nearby Odaesan National Park. We arrived at the southwest corner of the park in a place called Sogeumgang, or “little geumgang”, named after the famous mountain in North Korea. The drive from the city was a beautiful one that reminded me of home. The mountains in Korea look very similar to the Appalachian mountains of the Eastern US where I grew up, and the winding roads through the valley transported me back to NC for a moment. I was soon brought back to Korea once I saw the road turn into a narrow unmarked trail lined with buddhist lanterns and eager hiking groups. To say hiking is a national pastime here is an understatement–it’s a lifestyle! The hiking group leaders wore flags in their backs, and the group members all wore matching hiking gear.

Geumjeong Mountain – Amazing views of Busan!

Because Korea is almost completely covered in mountains, there are countless places to go for a breath-taking view! We recently checked out a mountain view fairly close to us in North Busan. I heard about the Geumjeong mountain cable car from my co-teacher in my first year in Yangsan, but we didnt make it there until now! Like we’ve been saying a lot lately, we should have gone a lot sooner!

My First (and Last) Overnight at a Jimjilbang

At least I didn’t have the chubby, possibly drunk Korean man constantly rolling over onto my feet or face depending on which direction I was facing at the time. But, I did end up losing my sleeping mat at 4 a.m., possibly to a pair of giggling girls.

Last weekend, a group of us traveled from Busan to Gwangju to explore the sixth-largest city in South Korea and hike to several peaks in Naejangsan National Park, a beautiful place.

Upo Wetland’s Trail

The weekend of 15th June David and I went to Upo Wetlands.

  • Upo Wetlands is located 10 km from Gyeseong. It is an environmentally important wetland. This is a great place to visit in all seasons. It is always bustling with wildlife. There are many good walking routes to explore, short and long. There are also bicycles (tandem and regular)  to rent throughout the year for a reasonable price.

Changnyeong Map

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