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Casey Dying at Bat on Stage (Video)

WTF, America! It’s laudable to hold Americans and American shortcomings up to public ridicule during an election year. But, why does it have to take the form of a comic routine? I don’t just mean Jon Stewart’s “tour-de-force“. I mean, why does every form of American public culture have to take the form of a loner facing the camera, the crowd, the odds? The talking head in the studio facing the camera isn’t Casey at bat! Or, a stand-up comedian bombing on stage.

And, can anyone tell me why Nikki Haley deserves this free advertising?

Americans need more pugilistic and football references in their political culture!

The Wrong Reason to Fire Helen Thomas

I agree that former White House correspondent Helen Thomas’ odious comments about Israel’s conduct of the Gaza flotilla operation warranted her dismissal. It wasn’t just that this episode is startling in the context of her usually banal performances. Her tenure, after she shattered the glass ceiling for women reporters, was also an affront to meritocratic norms. She epitomized all the selfish scorn for democracy any politician she mocked did.

And, she was very banal indeed in the context of some of these comments, particularly this criticism of Israeli democracy.

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