Queer Links from the Week: Queer Kpop, Catholics and Seoul's Mayor, and False Rumors

Whether or not Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon's 'hope' for gay marriage is sincere or a political move was discussed over at the KoreaAM, and the Korea Times is calling it a pivotal test for the mayor. Various groups reacted to Park Won-soon's message.

2013: A Year in Review

2013 Korean Queer Culture Festival Parade Recap

Pride was once again a great experience in Seoul! According to some estimates, at least 2000 people showed up, including Harisu and director Kim Jho Gwang Su. I think there were probably more... While the other prides I've attended took place in Jongno, this year's pride was in Hongdae. The number of spectators was massive. To start out, there were plenty of performances in the park, as well as variou booths to learn information about the gay rights movement in S. Korea, pick up condoms and lube, buy homoerotic art, etc. The crowd was quite mixed with Koreans, foreigners, men, and women (and in between) of all ages coming together to celebrate queerness.

Arirang News has a story up on pride in English. Check it out at Arirang TV. The segment on pride starts at 14:25.

KQCF 2013: Pride Parade

June is right around the corner! The big event of the Korean culture Festival is on June 1st. While previous prides have been downtown near Cheonggyecheon stream, this years festival will be in Hongdae.

Gayspeak: 성전환자 (Transgender)

This word of the week popped up in my Korean class. While looking up the meaning for 전환 (conversion, switch), my dictionary led me to 성전환자.

성전환자 (seong-jeon-hwan-ja)

성 refers to sex (the biological sex), 전환 is conversion and the 자 is one of the many words used for a person. Put it together and you have transgender. Korea uses the loan word 트랜스젠더 as well, so if you aren't as assiduous of a student as TKQ, feel free to use the Konglish. Let's make a couple of sentences.

Men Can’t Get Raped in Korea? (Updated)

( Source )

But in Korea at least, perhaps the most appropriate revenge would have been to inflict the same back on the rapists? For I’ve just been shocked to learn that legally speaking, men can’t actually be the victims of rape here.

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