Hangul Korean language

Donating Blood In Korea

So My Story

The reason I started writing this post was because I went into a center here in Daegu and was a bit shocked at how adamant they were about not letting me donate.

Les Miserables ROK Air Force Parody Les Militaribles / 공군 레미제라블 ‘레밀리터리블’


Les Miserables ROK Air Force Parody Les Militaribles / 공군 레미제라블 '레밀리터리블'

A Week in Photos #4


Jinhae – Cherry Blossom Heaven


Dreaming in Korean


Happy Dong-ji Day!


Best Festival So Far!


Hangul Day!

Birth of a Written Language

National Foundation Day


This beautiful October Monday, I am off from school because it is a National holiday here. It is National Foundation Day (개천절 Gaecheonjeol). Or as was explained to me, it is Korea’s birthday, the creation of the Korean nation. There is a famous myth associated with it. It goes as follows: 

Dear Students: Online Translators

Dear Students,

Please, please x 1,000 DO NOT use online translators. I am better off guessing what you are saying from the English you do know. And you do know more than you give yourself credit for. I know you are told time and time again to be the best that you can be, but don’t let that deter you from realizing how much you’ve learned so far. Don’t fear failure.

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