Han river

Ja-Bol-Lae Observatory – Seoul (자벌레 전망대)

Jabollae Observatory on the banks of Han River (TtukSeom Resort) is one of the unique buildings in the shape of a Korean Jabollae bug. More than an observatory it is also a multiplex housing 3D theatre, Digital Art Museum, Animation Studios, Gift Shops, Restaurants and Cafes with the panoramic view of the Han River.
Jabollae Observatory is a good place to introduce your kids to the world of animation and digital art. They have continuous videos playing the behind-the-scenes of various animation techniques.

Destination: Han River Cruise

It's a little embarrassing, but after two-plus years there are still quite a few 'touristy' things around Seoul and Korea I've yet to see. For some there's a plausible reason (no plans on the seeing the DMZ the way tensions are right now) while I just hadn't gotten around to others. That had been my excuse for not trying a Han river cruise - the sort that leave from Yeouido or Jamsil. The Lady in Red was up for the trip, so off we went.

Destination: the NEW Yeouido Han River Park

After being closed for nearly a year, the Yeouido Han River Park is back and better than ever - mostly. Yesterday was considered the grand opening of the park to the public, and unbeknownest to me, there was to be a fairly grand ceremony to go with it.

Since the ceremonies were still a couple hours away, I had time to walk about the renovated areas. Gone are the stairs leading down to the water's edge and that angled wall with blocks sticking out. Instead, you now have this:

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