Han river

A Seoul Spring on the Han

Something about being near water is simply relaxing. When the weather finally agrees to reward Seoul, Korea with a mild and sunny day after a brutally long winter people tend to flock to the Han River. Here are 10 ways to enjoy the river in the coming months.



photo credit: my cool friend James

1) Banpo Bridge

Under Hannam Bridge at night, Han River, Seoul

Han River and Hannam Bridge at night, Seoul

Night view of Wonhyo Bridge on the Han River

Han River and Dongjak Bridge night view, Seoul

Han River and Dongjak Bridge night view, Seoul

Dongjak Bridge over the Han River at night, Seoul

Banpo Bridge, Moonlight Rainbow Fountain over the Han River, Seoul

Banpo Bridge, Moonlight Rainbow Fountain over the Han River, Seoul

Banpo Bridge and its gigantic water fountain at night

Late summer day in Seoul

Late summer day in Seoul

One late summer day in Seoul, I found that skies and winds went freshier finally that we had in long rainy season. Feel so good...


Here’s  a new video I recorded and edited using my iPhone4 and the ReelDirector app.

I recorded this back in January when myself, Herself and her thirteen year old cousin all went to the 63 Building in Seoul. I’d never been and if wasn’t for the Picasso exhibition in the gallery on the top floor I don’t think I would have bothered going up. As you can see, it was absolutely freezing outside. In fact, I’m not even sure why there are people outside, let alone taking a tour boat down the frozen Han River

ice bike

a lame edit to see how the hero hd pro camera looks online (hoping to use it more once it gets warmer)

Arirang TV Calling

Dear Reader,

IF you are maintaining a blog on Korea, Korean Culture, Korean Travel or anything connected to Korea then you have a chance to get your blog featured on Arirang TV in the Today’s Blog section.

You can view my section here: Brijesh Bolar on Han River in Korea

If you are interested then please leave a comment below and I ll send you the contact details of the Arirang Editor for you to take it forward.

So hope to see you Korean Bloggers on TV soon.

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