Trial and Hair-er – Getting A Haircut In Korea

Getting a haircut is usually a rather mundane part of everyday life. But when you’re an expat living in another country and you don’t speak the local language, it suddenly becomes a much more exciting and emotional experience. Every snip of the scissors and buzz of the clippers sends a rush of trepidation down your spine; because beyond uttering a few broken words of Konglish and showing the barber a picture of your desired style, there’s really not much you can do but sit back and watch in a state of helpless paralysis as he begins to sculpt your scalp. We all like to think “it’s only hair, it will grow back if I don’t like it,” but when we’re suddenly faced with having to practice what we preach and live with the consequences, our thinking drastically changes.

One For The Girls- The Miracle ‘Magic Straight’ Hair Treatment

I have always loved hairdressers in Korea- I can get a cut and style for about 15,000 won (approximately £8) which is just amazing, and about a quarter of the price I’d pay back in England. What’s even better is that the hairdresser always does a good job, even when I can only mime what I want done- a massive relief, especially the first time I went, having no idea what to expect and scared that miss-communication would lead to an awful cut.

Then I discovered ‘Magic Straight’, which brought my love of Korean hairdressing to new heights. I’ve always suffered from unruly curly hair which is prone to frizzing. So during our first humid Korean summer, I had a permanently electrocuted look about me, static frizz which I just couldn’t tame. Needless to say I hated it.

The Look

Dear Korea #093 - Chop, Chop

Before anyone jumps to conclusions, I swear I’m not a bad friend!! I just tend to get distracted easily..

One problem I’ve seen a lot of my obvious foreigner friends come across is the struggle of trying to get a decent haircut at local salons. This is something I have yet to experience too much myself, but that’s probably due to me having the exact same haircut for the past ten years or so. Since different people have different types of hair, this can be problematic for the poor stylists who only have experience with one type of hair. Heck, even I don’t completely understand how all of that works.

Barbie Hair Salon in Seoul ♥ 바비 헤어 & 스토어


Did you know Seoul is the home of the world’s first Barbie themed hair salon??  Yes, that is right!!  Barbie is well-loved in Asia, and in Korea you can find things like Barbie beauty hair products, a Barbie shoe store, and now finally a Barbie hair salon for you to get your locks looking as lovely as Miss Barbie herself!

Bad Hair Days

If i tried to document the trials and tribulations of my hair, then I think it would result in a book thicker than all 7 years of Harry Potter's dramas at Hogwarts.
Hair throughout the ages

African American Type Hair

Do you have kinky type hair and is looking for perms but not able to find for your specific hair type in korea. Look no further... just send me a message and I will be more than happy to help facilitate  you in finding the right perm for your hair type.

Not because you are in korea it means it is impossible.

Also if you need a quick braid... feel free to send me a message.

********females only*********

Stylish & Unique Men’s Haircuts at “Evan Style” in Hongdae

Are you a stylish guy looking for a cool place to get a haircut in Seoul? Do you want something modern like a K-pop star, crazy dye job, or not quite the safe norm found at most salons in the city? Well we have found a great place that caters to all tastes~ trendsetting and unique or stylish and modern ♥ Evan Style!

The stylists of Evan Style~ They look pretty awesome themselves!

Japanese Pinch Braid Extensions in Korea (and Japan!)

Do you want longer thicker princess hair and have some money and a few hours to blow?

So I have very thin and pin straight hair, it will hardly hold a girl or hairstyle… makes life a little boring! I always wanted extensions to add thickness and length~ so back when I lived in California I started getting “Microlink” extenshions in San Mateo from this awesome Chinese hair-salon for about $400, which was an amazing price since extensions can cost about $600-1000+ normally in the USA. It really gave my hair the bit of life it needed+ length I wanted while I grew my hair out!

Trends of Korea: Bunny Bows ♥ 토끼머리띠

Want to know about some Korean Fashion Trends???  Today’s is a popular one that started around 2010~ “Bunny Bows“!


Bunny bow /  토끼머리띠 is a common name for the style of skinny long twist bow with wire sewn in, it can be shaped any way you please~ but the idea is to have it sticking out almost like…. yes, Bunny Ears!


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