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birthday jack

i don’t wanna be that guy who puts up too many pictures of korean children, but christmas/birthday party at school today was a sight to see.

so much singing and dancing!

so. much.

in which the herd wanders to the fire station

rounded up the little buggers and field tripped it to the fire station today. not sure why, exactly. it seemed like most of what we did consisted of snacking and wandering through a garden.

today was also an opportunity to see just how materialistic my precious babies are. like, why does my sally have on a pierre cardin hat? more importantly, why doesn’t she have on a hat like belle, in the background? my girls spent a decent chunk of the bus ride discussing what kinds of phones their dads have. i just wanted to talk about princesses! no such luck.

school daze

i alternately love and want to bite the heads off of my kindergarten children. but mostly love. it’s not their fault they have to sit still for two 80-minute classes in a row, even though they’re only five. just look at ‘em!

first comes Natural Class, with alex, stacy, lawrence and kelly. david got here late today, so he’s not in the picture and andy is in the hospital with what looks disturbingly like gangrene.

picture day

unbeknownst to, well, anyone, apparently, today was picture day at my school. they dressed the teachers and kids all up in pink polos and white, elastic-waist shorts and posed us in front of a white piece of canvas. it was all pretty standard until the end, when they first made us pose with our classes like this…

then, like this:

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