haeinsa temple

Colonial Korea: Haeinsa Temple – 해인사 (Hapcheon, Gyeongsangnam-do)


Haeinsa Temple in 1933.

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Now and Then: Haeinsa Temple

Haeinsa 1902

Inside the famed Janggyeong-panjeon at Haeinsa Temple from 1902.

Hello Again Everyone!!

Haeinsa Temple was first founded in 802 A.D. The name of the temple, in English, means “Temple of the Ocean Mudra Temple.” Alongside Tongdosa Temple and Songgwangsa Temple, Haeinsa Temple is one of the three jewel temples. Haeinsa Temple represents the Dharma aspect of the three jewels.

South Korea's Top 3 Temples

I love sharing my experiences in Korea with you guys, but let's face it... my eyes can only see so much. So, to give you a bit of a wider perspective, I am now accepting guest posts on Seoul Searching. I'm excited to announce that the first contributor is Dale Quarrington, Korean temple aficionado and author of Korean Temples: From Korea’s Southeast Corner, with his top three temples in Korea. Check out his post below.

Leaf Looking

Even though the weather isn’t really cold yet, fall has finally arrived to Korea.  To celebrate, we we up to Hapcheon this weekend with our hapkido school to see the maples changing color and check out Haeinsa Temple.  It was absolutely gorgeous and a really fun trip!  



be mindful of your shoes and mind – Haeinsa Temple Stay



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