Gwangan Bridge

3 Things I Like About Busan

I’ve been staying in  South Korea for 9 months now. My family and I moved here last April 2015, and we stayed at my in-laws’ place in Uiryeong (a province near Busan) for 3 months. We moved to Munhyeon-dong, Busan last July 2015, and I am so happy to be here. Today let me share with you the things that I like about living in Busan.

The first thing that I like about Busan is my job. Believe it or not, I am an English teacher. I know my English is not that good enough for some people because I am a Filipino, but hey I got a job! And I’m loving it! I have had my share of ups and downs when it comes to job hunting, but I’m glad that I survived. Teaching English in Busan is an awesome experience. I have kind and generous employers (yes, I’ve got a couple of employers since I work as a part-time teacher), nice students (well, some can be a bit unruly at times), and a great pay! Woohoo!!!

Diamond Bridge all alone

Diamond Bridge all alone

Sometimes getting a shot of this bridge is impossible, luckily today was my day and i managed to get a full panorama of the famous bridge with no people in it

Veins of the City

Veins of the City

It isn't known as "Dynamic Busan" without good reason. From my Trump World helipad vantage point, the veins of the city are plain to see.

Adios Amigas - Crystal and Anne's goodbye sendoff!

On Sunday afternoon, Aaron and I met Crystal and Anne for lunch on Gwangali Beach and then walked down the beach to Thursday Party where our friend Shryl was setting up a farewell party for the two of them to say goodbye to everyone before they leave for 3 months of traveling and then on to their new teaching jobs at an international school in Guatemala!  I will miss these two like crazy!

3 more weekends!

It's Sunday night here now, which means I only have 3 more weekends left of living in Asia!  WHAT?!  I've been dead set on getting out of the apartment to see some of my favorite places in Busan one last time before we go!  So, Friday night Aaron and I went to a really cool makgeolli and pajung place in Seomyeon that had actual built in lofts (think bunk bed style) where you could climb a ladder and sit on the floor up above everyone else! Sadly our group was too big (Me, A, Stella, Chris, Ashley, Adam, Priscilla, Grace, Jeff, and JuhYe) so we got sat at a table in the back next to the piles of makgeolli bottles!  It's a good thing we don't NEED a built in loft to have a good time!   The pajung was to die for!

Good Morning Gwangan



Gwangan Diamond Bridge from Dongbaek at night

Busan by Night | A Travel Photo Essay

Photos by Ju-seok Oh. Words by Peter DeMarco.

See Korea’s most “dynamic” city at her best – when the sun goes down.

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