musicians wanted: guitar, bass, clarinet, violin

I'm a guitarist trying to form an acoustic gypsy jazz group to perform in clubs around Daegu and Busan. Looking for an acoustic guitarist, stand up baas player, violinist and a clarinetist (sax, or other instruments that lend themselves to gypsy jazz ok)

Guitar lessons in English


I am trying to learn to play the guitar, so I am looking for lessons in English.  Does anyone know of a good place or teacher?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

We were walking down the streets in Manhattan, NY. It was like one of those iconic moments where your camera takes a picture on its own. Although I have only been to NY twice, whereas my husband was brought up on the Island… I find it as fascinating as most! My mind imagines these crazy stories of the people and night life that takes place in the city.

How did this guitar get here? Was it a love serenade gone bad? Or time for an upgrade? Was it a dream made, maybe a small town girl like Coyote Ugly, finally made it in the city and traded in her old model in?

Jackpot Acoustic Show at Upstair

Saturday, July 7, 2012 - 19:00

Ska or Punk Music venues/shows in Busan??

I'm wondering what the Ska and/or punk music scene is like here in Busan. I'm looking to catch some shows, or play some music with some folks here in town. Any nice jam sessions going on around here? Sure hope so. Any info would be huge.

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