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Four Rivers Don’t Make for One Legacy

I would never have expected The Chosun Daily to rebut the environmental arguments the Lee administration is making about the value of the Four Rivers project. But, on an R. Elgin post on the Lee administration’s “Four Rivers Project”, keith disagrees nonetheless, that “it’s a damn good idea”.

South Korean Opposition Party Ahead

Voter turnout at 54.5% was high, and the South Korean opposition Democratic Party (DP) has claimed victory. But, several races, including Seoul, are still too close to call. As I read it, the DP took 6 posts, including some traditional conservative bastions, to the Grand National Party’s 5.

The DP claimed Lee and his conservative party have put national security at risk by taking a confrontational approach towards Pyongyang. Other issues such as Lee’s push for refurbishing South Korea’s four major rivers and his alternative to a contentious project to create a new administrative town in a central region have been sidelined.

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