The Worwick Franklin Way!

Welcome to Worwick Franklin- can you come in to work today?

That may not be exactly what happened, but it’s kind of how my intro to my new school felt.

On Monday, February 20th I went to visit my new school, Worwick Franklin, for the first time.  I met with the director and we talked VERY briefly about my start date and my apartment (I was originally told I would start work on March 5th and I could move into my apartment on Saturday February 25th- both of those pieces of information changed fairly soon after).  I also got to briefly meet the three teachers who would be leaving at the end of the month and the other teacher  who arrived at the end of December and will be staying at the school with me and the other new mystery teachers.  

ARKPodcast Episode 14 – Graduation Time

148:19 minutes (67.89 MB)

If you haven’t heard the news yet, the past two days have been a sort of “I can’t believe this has happened and the impact hasn’t hit me yet” kind of fog. Bekah (Baby Girl in the middle of that banner pic), one of the founding members of After School, and the former maknae has left the group, the second member to “Graduate”. This episode is dedicated to her and her time as a member.


remember school pictures? “will students with last names starting with a-c please come to the auditorium?” you shuffled to the other side of the school, killed as much time as your could chatting with your friends and finally slumped down in front of a gray backdrop for exactly one droopy-eyed snapshot from the poor schlub from johnson’s photo who spent most of his life taking portraits of high schoolers at prom and for the yearbook and looked like he could think of nothing but getting the hell out of there?

that’s not what it’s like in korea.

Se-Kyung's Graduation from SNU

In the title header for this blog it says that I'm 'currently in the midst' of a PhD. Sooner or later I think I'm going to have to update that statement to 'currently somewhere in the mists'. While I realised that it wasn't going to be a walk in the park, the difficulty of studying here has surpassed a lot of my expectations.
Some difficulties arise from the logistical quagmire of modern molecular biology, but most are related to the eccentricities of particular joyless lab colleagues who have perhaps spent too much time inhaling volatile chemicals. My project interests me greatly, but life continues in a surreal kind of personal stalemate, where half of me wants to escape the difficulties and the other half won't let me.

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