Gilbert Gottfried

Quick thought on Gilbert Gottfried’s misadventure…

The comedian Gilbert Gottfried got fired by his employer Aflac for making jokes about Japan. Was it too soon to joke? Waiting one more month  would have been different? Can we laugh about everything? Were his jokes funny? Ok, I am not the one to be objective about it as I laugh very easily and about everything. And should I feel guilty about that? No, I don’t think so.

Well, what I am sure is that aiming a comedian is a very easy target. Isn’t it his job to make jokes? Should we censor those who are here to make us laugh? There is a fine line between a good joke and an insult, but in that case I really don’t think that Gottfried crossed that line. It may not have been the best jokes ever made but if we want to get angry at someone, we’d better aim those who really don’t care about the japanese people and also about us.

영어 Hint of the Day #37: Be Careful or Else….

Speaking About Sensitive Topics Should Probably Be Avoided
In English speaking countries, there are different cultural values, which is natural. The history of the people is entirely different, so the values would, of course, be different. However, in the US, in particular, discrimination based on some these issues (age and gender) is illegal. Speaking about sensitive topics rudely will get you in a lot of trouble, and quickly. The Seoul Gyopo Guide has pointed out how unacceptable it was for Korean newspapers to publish headlines which translate to “Japan Sinking.”

In the US, a famous comedian, Gilbert Gottfried, posted some very unfunny jokes about the plight of the Japanese people. His punishment? Fired on the spot.

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