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Important update on E-2 visa regulations

As you may have seen on Gusts of Popular Feeling, we're finally getting some clarification regarding the new visa regulations for the E-2 teaching visa. This should come as no surprise to those who know Korean ways, but that clarification had to be specifically asked for, as seemingly none had come on its own. Credit for receiving the clarification goes to professor Ben Wagner for asking the big question.

The verbiage coming from Korean Immigration is a bit dense:

On getting an F-2 visa, and becoming a resident

On February 1, 2010, Korean Immigration decided to change some of the rules regarding immigration into Korea. One of the rules was that most E-series visa holders (a visa tied to your job) could apply for and receive an F-series visa (a visa based more on citizenship, heritage, or residency - not simply a working visitor). According to some information from and "miljeong", a credible-sounding person on ESL Cafe, the guidelines won't let the average English teacher gain the coveted upgrade - but there's hope yet.

A modest proposal for visa reform

If there's anything that Kang Shin Who's recent pieces have demonstrated, it's that the market forces of supply and demand trumps the law, whether well-intentioned or not. Whether illegal or not, there are more than enough bootleg DVD sellers to satisfy one's need for the latest movie. Whether illegal or not, people will seek out any edge they can to be better than the competition. The same goes for English lessons - whether illegal or not, people will seek out that edge.

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