Getting Published

I Got Published and Look What Happened!!

There have been many examples of photos that have changed the lives of the photographers that have taken them. We all know Nick Ut’s photo of the “Napalm Girl” and how it changed his life. There are many examples of these kinds of life changing photos. However, there are many more people trying trying to catch their big break and hoping that at least one photo will catapult them into stardom. That is why you see people sharing photos to every site imaginable. They (me) pepper facebook and Google Plus  with what they think is award-winning photo. Only to have our friends cheer us on and our mother’s tell us that we should be published in National Geographic.

Gwangju News is Looking for Photographers

Talented photographer Mark Eaton posted today about the Gwangju News needs photographers to submit photos for a 2-page layout showcasing the photographers work. This is a great way to get exposure for you photography and to get your work printed.

The Gwangju News is looking for about 10-15 photos from the photographer for consideration and that is it! Now for those that are doubtful that their work is good enough, just think to yourself “what do I have to lose?” NOTHING. Then ask yourself “What do I have to gain?” Exposure, confidence in your work, satisfaction that your passion has got on the pages of a print publication that is read by many people… Thats enough for me!

Submissions can be sent to

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