September 26-28, 2015: Geoje Gujora Beach CampingGeoje (거제시) is...

Supporters Over the Moon as Candidate Ends Campaign in Busan

Presidential hopeful Moon Jae In of the Democratic United Party
makes his final campaign in Busan on Dec. 18

Norebang or Singing rooms in South Korea

Norebang (노래방)or the Karaoke or the singing rooms in South Korea is one of the prime source of entertainment. You can see the norebang in most of the streets in Korea. There are several rooms inside the norebang where a group can occupy one room. Each room is equipped with Karoke list of book, sound system, audio, video and dancing lights.

Geoje-Sculpture Park Janseungpo, South Korea

Neungpo has a beautiful sculpture park which is located near the top-mart area. The sculpture park is one of its kinds.
It has beautiful sculptures which are made by mud, metal etc.
There is a good pathway to take a walk. The sculpture park is loacted on a mountain,so you can enjoy trekking.
There are few excercise machines which are constructed on the path.
You can have a picturous view from the mountain.
Its a good place to relax and take pictures

Lunch-Set, Doshirak in Okpo, Geoje, South Korea

There is another new shop which serves the Doshirak.
The cheap lunch set which have several choices and best part is they can deliver the food to your home.
It is a tasty food if you want to have many food with different choices.

World first Virtual Shopping Store in Korea

You dont need to go to a mart or any mall to shop your grocery and stuff. While waiting for the subway or metro, you can easily shop all your items on the subway station. Its so surprising as Korea opens the first virtual shooping store with LCD display, on Seoul subway station.
The walls of the Seonreung subway station in downtown Seoul have the virtual displays of over 500 of the most popular products with barcodes which customers can scan using the Homeplus app on their smartphones and get delivered right to their doorstep.
Best part is you just need to scan the bar codes, if the orders are placed before 1pm at noon the items will already be delivered at their home when they reach home. It surely gives speed and convenience for the shopping.

Top six Healthy food in Korea, South Korea

Korea is considered as the slimmest country with maximum number of flat tummies as compared to any of western country.
What can be the reason? There are several facts and myths pertaining to this issue. Almost all foreigners are surprised with this fact.
Some say Koreans have a good metabolism rate, or genetically they are gifted with a small body, their hard work and mountain climbing habits make their body fit. But whatever be the fact, they have shocked the world with the slim and trim bodies.

Taking a Winter Dip at the Deokpo Penguin Swim Festival

On January 7th, I took part in the 8th Annual Geoje Penguin Swim Festival. This festival was just so much fun, and definitely one of my favourite experiences in Korea thus far!

Welcoming Winter? Try an Icy Dip & Zip at Deokpo Beach!

On January 7th, I had the pleasure of participating in the 8th Annual Geoje Penguin Swim Festival. This festival was just so much fun, and definitely one of my favourite experiences in Korea thus far!

Afternoon at Geoje

Afternoon at Geoje

View from Geoje Island.

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