First Gay Marriage in South Korea Causes a Stir


Gay in Korea - For Men

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In an effort to ensure the identity of the speaker is protected, his name is not revealed, and his voice has been altered. This is a video expressing one man's personal opinion about being gay in Korea. Many of my subscribers have asked for this topic, and I have also received some emails to my YouTube account with questions about this topic. I will make a video where I share my opinion about being gay in Korea, if you would like to me to. Though I am not gay, I fully support gay rights, and I also have a lot of gay, bi, and lesbian friends. Please feel free to post comments and further questions here. If I can answer them, I will. If not, I will ask my friend with whom I made this video to make an account and to answer your questions anonymously here. Any abusive comments will be deleted. Please vote them down if you see them. Also, ladies! The Female lesbian perspective video has already been filmed. I'm just editing it and should be finished this week. Men should also watch the female version as it addresses more of the legal consequences about being gay in Korea, and also about why identity needs to be protected carefully.
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Performance: DragRace Showcase (Club After, Itaewon, Seoul)

This is one case where the pictures essentially speak for themselves.  Presenting ChaCha, The Duchess, Madame Sarcasma, Andrea Meguro, Tracy Carey, and Be’yonca Fierceness.



Korean Rainbow Christian Fellowship Worship Service

Repeats every 7 days until Mon Dec 31 2012 .
Sunday, September 4, 2011 - 15:00

Korean Rainbow Christian Fellowship is an affirming, inclusive new ministry in Seoul focused on the full inclusion and participation of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people in the church. We are strating worship services Spetember 4, 2011 from 3-5 pm. Please visit for more information.

Korean Rainbow Christian Fellowship

Korean Rainbow Christian Fellowship is an inclusive, affirming ministry welcoming all people including gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered believers. We are a new church plant, and have big hopes for inclusive, progressive Christianity in Korea. Please visit our website at for more information.

Dublin Pride, June 25 2011

Hanging around in town (Dublin, not Seoul or Suwon) yesterday we stumbled on the Dublin Pride festival. I knew about it but hadn’t registered it until we were on Georges Street.

The biggest thing about the parade, as far as I could see, was the number of participants! It was quite spectacular, at least for me anyway. I have no idea about the number of gays or there rights/problems/social stigmas that are still attached to them. I know that they are definitely more out and about than back in the day, the day being when I was in secondary school or something like that. I found out later that there was around 30,000 people at it – that makes it second to Paddy’s Day in size and importance

Destination: Korea Queer Culture Festival 2011

Author’s note: in compliance with the requirements to photograph the event, all faces have been blurred to an unrecognizable level, and names of the performers were not revealed. While Korea has a few gay celebrities, the stigma is such that one might lose their job, their position in the family, and more just for being gay / lesbian / bisexual / transgendered.

Destination: Korea Queer Culture Festival (2010)

Author's note: In order to take photos at this event, I was required to sign a pledge promising to keep people anonymous. In compliance with that pledge, I have blurred out faces or selected pictures that did not show people's faces - homosexuality in South Korea still carries a harsh stigma, and I will not intentionally 'out' someone on this blog.

Drag show in Hongdae!

Jane's Groove (link goes to Facebook page) knows how to rock. Period. Last weekend offered both Jane's 2nd anniversary party and a drag show featuring Yoein-Choenha a.k.a. Women’s Empire. Although various places in Itaewon offers drag shows (including Trance - HT to Ji-Yoon for the reminder), this is the first one I'm aware of in Hongdae in the year and a half I've been here. A 5,000 won entry fee included a free drink up to 5,000 won, making getting in basically free.

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