The Seoul LGBT Film Festival Travels the Country: This Weekend in Gangneung

If you weren't able to attend the LGBT Film Festival in June, you have another chance to see it as it has screenings on Saturday and Sunday across the country. This weekend it is in Gangneung.

As you can see in the poster, this weekend it is in Gangneung, the 25th and 26th of October it will be in Cheongju, the 1st and 2nd of November in Jeonju, the 8th and 9th of November in Seoul, and the 15th and 16th of November in Busan.

For Gangneung:
Saturday October 18th:

Follow Us Around: Gangneung Day 2

Since we arrived a little bit later on Saturday, we saved our hiking for Day 2! After a quick breakfast at Angel in us Coffee, we started our drive to nearby Odaesan National Park. We arrived at the southwest corner of the park in a place called Sogeumgang, or “little geumgang”, named after the famous mountain in North Korea. The drive from the city was a beautiful one that reminded me of home. The mountains in Korea look very similar to the Appalachian mountains of the Eastern US where I grew up, and the winding roads through the valley transported me back to NC for a moment. I was soon brought back to Korea once I saw the road turn into a narrow unmarked trail lined with buddhist lanterns and eager hiking groups. To say hiking is a national pastime here is an understatement–it’s a lifestyle! The hiking group leaders wore flags in their backs, and the group members all wore matching hiking gear.

Follow Us Around: Gangneung Day 1

October has been an incredibly busy month! I’ve planned it that way on purpose, because winter is quickly approaching and it gets so cold in Korea we rarely want to leave our apartment. Before we go into hibernation, I want to fit in as many trips and activities as possible. Also, Fall in Korea is GORGEOUS and fleeting. I want to soak up as much good weather and nature as possible before the cold, dark, long winter.

Anyways, this weekend we made our way up to Gangwon-do province to visit our friend Zack, whom you may know as Scroozle from the blog Crimson North. If not, definitely check it out! He’s been living in Gangneung for the past couple years, and I’ve only heard good things about it. Our friend Charly also lived in the city and loved it there too! It was past time for us to visit. We hadn’t been to the province since our first year, and even though it was the very beginning of Fall, it was gorgeous and we couldn’t have asked for better weather.

Days of Chuseok

The Chuseok holiday is ending slowly here. All that is left is the rest of the weekend, but that’s not really Chuseok. Most businesses will open up tomorrow in the hope of catching those desperate to restock their fridge and fill their belly with something other than Chuseok food.

Of course we suffer in Korea this year because Chuseok, a three day holiday, has fallen on a Thursday, so the three days around it also meld into Saturday and Sunday making it a nice rounded five day break. There will be a very slow and more unenthusiastic than usual start to work all around the country this Monday.

Living Here During the North Korean Threats


My Second Home in Korea – Jumunjin, Gangwon-do

I’ve been coming to Jumunjin in Gangwon-do as long as I’ve known Herself. She’s a local, but she hasn’t lived here since she finished highschool and moved to Seoul to go to university. Not long after we started hanging out together she sneaked me down here and we hung out at the beach in between the time she would spend with her family. It wasn’t long before we started to make regular trips here and these trips increased in frequency once I was formally introduced to her parents. Now I’d almost say I’m a local here. I don’t think too many of the real locals feel that way.

Destination: Ojukheon black bamboo forest / Gangneung city museum (Gangneung, Gangwon-do)

Gangwon-do’s east coast is full of tourist attractions – beyond the numerous beaches, I was delighted to learn of this place from Kiwi. Take a close look at this guy’s face, then stare at the 5,000 won bill (about $4.63 USD). It’s the same guy: Yulgok Yi Yi (율곡이이). Take a look for yourself (and note the black bamboo on the front):

Korea’s 7 “Can’t Miss” Festivals

Photos and story by Ed Provencher

Skip it or day-trip it? Korea’s festivals are numerous, but how do you know which ones are worth going to? Travel blogger Ed Provencher makes it easy for us.

Destination: Jumunjin Beach (Gangneung, Gangwon-do)

Not far from the northern border, Jumunjin Beach could be considered one of many beaches along Korea's east coast. As the peak season hasn't yet started I'll refrain from predicting its future popularity, but a Sunday afternoon in mid-June left more than enough beach for the Lady in Red and I.

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