Playing a board game at a coffee shop. Known as ‘Monkey...

Playing a board game at a coffee shop. Known as ‘Monkey Madness’ in the States and ‘Climbing Monkey’ in Korea.

3 Truths and a Lie

I teach an after school English class for some of the more advanced students in my elementary school.  Today, we played the game 3 Truths and A Lie.  I told them to write down 3 true sentences and 1 lie.  We didn't have enough time to read them outloud in class today and guess which sentence was the lie, so I collected their papers and tucked them away for next week's class... but not before reading a few to see what they came up with!  

home run balls

I thought you could not get more American than baseball but turns out Asia really knows how to do baseball right! A lively crowd, sexy "cheerleader"/dancers, and you can bring in anything you want including fried chicken, beer, and snacks from a convenience store (but you can also buy all that there, for basically the same price as on the outside - no robbery from the stadium trying to get more of your money after you already bought overpriced tickets.) 

Spent Faithe’s last weekend competing in a flip cup...

Spent Faithe’s last weekend competing in a flip cup competition. Our team name was “Team America,” as we all come from the States. We failed miserably, not even beating one team. Oh well. Silver lining? I ate a delicious burger at Breeze Burns. Bygones.

The Price is Right: COEX

Ladies and gentlemen, cue up the theme music - it's time to play that nostalgic game show from our youth - The Price is Right! Thanks to the power of the internet connecting the worlds of Korea to America, we have two fabulous Showcase Showdowns for you to bid on.

If the name of the American game show doesn't ring a bell, the rules are simple. Look at three photos, then try to guess their combined retail value (or the price you'd actually pay in the store as of today) without going over. Bidding 100,000 won for a package worth 101,000 won is superb; bidding 101,000 won for a package worth 100,000 won is a shame. In other words, bid just under what you think the actual prices are. It's better to guess low than high.

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