Desk Warming- Comics and Art Show

Repeats every day until Mon Feb 13 2012 .
Saturday, February 11, 2012 - 11:00

As a warm, quiet corner is the best place for fungus to grow,
a warm, quiet desk can be the best place for creativity to flow.

... You doodle,
you fold the ultimate paper airplane,
or you work on the next Youtube mega hit... with paperclips and erasers.

Wanna know what crazy fun things other people daydream about?

How about a dinosaur desparately trying to find a job,
a mead maker teaching chainmail weaving,
mystic images of animals eyeing on you,
and a cute little girl dragging a drippy head?

Come to Backroom to enjoy the art of desk warming!

Desk Warming Artists
* Jesse Iacovetto: Comics
* Kent Hutchison: Paintings
* Karl Randall: Chainmail weaving
* Yuhee: Drawings

Date: February 11th & 12th(the second weekend)
Time: 11am - ?
Place: Backroom (please see the map)

Where can you buy traditional local artworks in Busan?

Hey anyone,

I'm looking to pick up some korean traditional local paintings as souvenirs before I head back home and I'm having a hard time finding a shop in Busan. I live in the Jangsan area so if anyone knew of a local art shop nearby that would be great. Also, If you know of any that are anywhere in Busan that are relatively easy to find (via subway) that would also be great, too.

I'm not interested in paying a fortune for paintings, but I'm also not looking for the cheap 'made in China' souvenir prints you see hanging around some outdoor markets.

Perhaps something from one of those small independent shops on the side of the road (that I haven't been able to find, lol) would be great.

Thanks for the help.


Destination: From Monet to Picasso

Destination: Seoul International Photography Festival

'Made in Seoul', by Kim Hakree - a panoramic view of Seoul from Namsan Park, 2005-2009.

Warning: this post contains some artistic and relatively tasteful nudity - please keep away from kids and overzealous IT staff.

The Seoul International Photography Festival (also known as the SIPF) is a great change of pace from the art museums and photographic exhibits that dot the city. While not a pure photography exhibit, there's enough to keep the purists happy.

Review: Miru Kim's photography at Gallery Hyundai offers a new perspective

You might have seen a story about this particular Korean photographer in the Korea Herald recently. Gallery Hyundai's two floors of space contains some fascinating looks at areas usually considered off-limits.

And for Miru Kim, that means doing it nude.

Whether exploring New York City, Michigan, Paris, or even Seoul, many of her works are of abandoned or deserted sites, some not known to residents of the city. Other photographs amongst the dozens bring up the 'how did she get there?' questions.

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