Destination: Burlesque girls in lingerie (NSFW)

Author’s note: this post is rated NSFW – not all workspaces can handle pretty girls in lingerie. You have been warned.

Yes, I’m fascinated by burlesque. I was while living in the US, and that fascination has recently been stoked (pun, um, not intended) by the girls of Frills & Thrills. This all-expat, all-female group performed in Hongdae on Saturday, and I’m happy to say this show went far better than the previous one I attended. Let the record show that the Lady in Red not only came with me, but dressed properly for the occasion.

Destination: Burlesque (WARNING: NSFW)

Now that I have your attention, this post should be considered NSFW - teachers, don't scroll down while there's kiddies - or bosses - around. You have been warned. The Frills and Thrills Burlesque Review featured several appropriately-named ladies strutting their stuff in the classic Burlesque way. Showing off lots of skin wasn't on tap, but being sensual and naughtier than normal certainly got

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